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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yes, It SNOWED on Friday....but Today is SUNNY and CHILLY...

Well, in my previous post, I spoke, er, typed too snowed like crazy for a short time on Friday afternoon!  April 23rd.  Spoke to the neighbor, Tom, who has lived in Silver City forever...said he'd never seen it snow this late in the Spring in Silver City.  The weather for the Tour of the  Gila is supposed to be better, but very windy.  The prediction for rain next Saturday for the Crit has improved...only a 30% chance of rain.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Today, I made air travel arrangements for Eileen and me....via Southwest Airlines.  Good price, fairly decent travel schedules.  I will send my bicycle case via UPS to Glens Falls with a small suitcase and some of my clothes so that I'll have them when I arrive in Glens Falls.  When Eileen and I leave Glens Falls, I'll ship my bicycle in the case with my gear, cycling clothes, etc., via UPS back to the UPS location in Silver City.  It will actually cost me less than if I haul it back on the airplane.

Things are starting to fall into place...except the weather...and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with it all.  When I look at the map and follow the route that I want to take, I get excited about the bike trip.  At the same time, it is a bit intimidating to see the distance on a map.  But, I'm only doing one stretch of riding at a time, which I'm very capable of doing.  Wonder if there's a way to guarantee good weather for the entire trip????  If anyone has ideas, please let me know.

That's it for today... Oh, Matt Anderson, the Pro cyclist that's staying with us for the Tour of the Gila will arrive on Monday night.  We're looking forward to seeing Matt again.  He stayed with us last year.  Very nice guy and a pretty good cyclist, too....look out, Lance, here comes Matt!!  The picture above is what Matt will do after he gets a hold of Lance...after he catches him.  The other one is Eileen and Matt at last year's Tour on the last day at Gough Park in Silver City.  Eileen thinks he's cute and thinks he has GREAT legs!! Click on the photos to enlarge them.

To wrap this up today...this is for my friend, George, in New Jersey, who does the best imitation of Tina Turner, by a male, that I've ever seen.  He was hilarious when he'd sing along to her.  Of course, we probably had consumed a few beers, but, hey, it was fun...!!  Tina Turner...What's Love Got to Do With It