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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long rides; Daily rides

Last week, I started to try and ride my bicycle everyday, just like I'll be doing when I ride across country.  Got a  54 mile ride in last Thursday, then took my bicycle in to Gila Hike & Bike to see if they could determine what was causing the "creaking" noise from the right side of my bike.  They found that the bottom bracket was not tight enough.  Dave, the mechanic, got messing around with the shifting, which has been ok, but it wasn't functioning correctly when Dave checked it out.  So, on Monday, I went in and Bill took a shot at it and got it close, swapped my new Deore XT out for another new one and it worked a bit better.

On today's ride, I tweaked the shifting a bit and believe that the shifting is functioning quite well now.  So, NO ONE GETS TO TOUCH THE SHIFTING ON THE BIKE AGAIN!!!  It's too finicky.  I may opt to upgrade some more after this year...better shifters, front dérailleur, etc., but what I have now works, so I'm going with it.

Today, I rode 64 miles in the mountains.  Hard ride.  I rode 5 miles past the Mimbres turnoff toward the Gila Cliff dwellings, which is my ultimate goal.  The round trip cliff dwelling ride is 92 miles, about 10,000 feel of climbing.  And it kicks my ass!  However, it's good training for my cross country ride....and for my legs, lungs and mental attitude.

Next week, my digital camera should's a video camera that also takes still shots.  A Samsung HMX-u20.  Very compact yet has HD capability.  A simple USB connection hooks it to a PC and one button download to  Looking forward to playing with this so I can post videos as I ride across country.

Ok, time to, for some music...Luciano Pavarotti, my absolute favorite opera singer.  Enjoy!  Nessun Dorma...