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Sunday, June 6, 2010

En Boca Cerrada No Entran Moscas

This is a Spanish saying that translates as "Flies don't enter a closed mouth."  While I'm sure this saying means something else, I'm using it here to describe what is important for a cyclist to do when riding downhill at a fast speed through the woods, etc., KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT...because it keeps the bugs out of your mouth.

While having consumed my share of small bugs when not following this saying, I am getting better at remembering to keep my mouth shut.  Now, I can hear what those who know me are probably saying right now... "Hey, you should have followed that advice a LONG time ago!"  To be honest, my BIG mouth has not always served me well and I regret many words spoken in haste or under the influence.  Bicycling does serve up lessons now and again, eh?  Before I rode across country the first time, 1988, I was always chomping at the bit to ride FAST.  After cycling up a few mountain roads that were 15-20 miles up and I was cycling at a speed of about 4-5 miles an hour, I learned that there was more to cycling than doing it fast....and that there was a lot to see, even in places where I thought there wasn't anything to see.  Changed my mind about cycling and, now, I ride to ride, not to ride fast.  There's a lot out there to see and appreciate, even when it doesn't look like much is there.  Lessons are everywhere...

The heat is here...a bit early to be this hot, but should break by Wed of this week.  Going to be close to 100 today.  Hey, it's a DRY heat though..  Right.  Talked to my nephew, John, yesterday...he lives in Catonsville, MD, outside of was 87, temperature and humidity.  Don't believe I miss that anymore.  What's amazing is that, growing up back East, we never had air conditioners, just fans.  How did we manage to get through that?

What the heat means for me now is that I'll be getting up and out on the road no later than 6am when I ride, so I can finish the ride before the middle of the afternoon when the heat peaks.  There is much to like about cooler weather when I can sleep in and get out on the road around 9am.  It'll be back before we know it...then, it'll be Christmas, my favorite holiday.

Enough for this, some music thanks to Mitch Hellman, who put together some tunes that used to be played on a short-lived Silver City radio station, KSIL, High Lonesome Radio. 

Hope that you enjoy this.  It was an excellent radio station, but the economy collapsed and so did the radio station.