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Friday, June 25, 2010

Lordsburg, Cliff and Andy Rivas from Flagstaff, AZ...

On Monday, I took off before 0600 on my bicycle and headed to Lordsburg...actually, to the intersection of U.S. 90 and U.S. 70, on the outskirts of Lordsburg.  The day was hot with minimal humidity; the monsoons had not hit yet....thankfully.  All in all, the ride was a good one.  Much better than the last time I did that ride (my first century ride in 2009).  The climb back up to the Continental Divide that day was brutal.  Everything hurt.  This time, I felt good.  The only error I made was in not bringing my hydrapack with the extra 100 oz. of water.  I had enough to get home with, but I don't like cutting it close like that.  The other error I made was when I was trying to call Eileen to let her know that I was about 10 miles from the end of my 85 mile ride, I kept dialing my own number that would take me to my own voice mail, which was totally confusing me.  Yes, I was a bit sheepish when I discovered that I had been dialing my own cell phone number!  Never too old to do something dumber than I've ever done before.  On a better note, the Cannondale is working quite well now.  No strange sounds, shifting is very functional, and I feel good at the end of a sore butt, feet or shoulders/hands.  Things are adjusted well.  Next year, I'll rebuild the rear wheel, put a 10spd cassette on it, new shifters and front dérailleur, too.  Life on the Cannondale will be very good then.

The 85 miles was a good ride.  On Wednesday, I rode to Cliff/Gila, which is about 60 miles, round trip.  On that ride, I met Andy Rivas in Cliff, NM, who was doing a memorial ride for his brother, Lt. Col. Raymond Rivas,

His brother died as a result of service in Iraq and Andy was headed, via Las Cruces, NM,  to Ruidoso, NM, where his mother lives and where his girlfriend was picking him up to drive him back to Flagstaff, AZ, where he lives/works.  At my suggestion, he reviewed maps to see what the ride would be like to Hillsboro, NM, then to Las Cruces, NM, instead of going to Deming, NM, then to Las Cruces, NM, which, by car, is butt ugly, but, by bicycle, is TRULY butt ugly with LOTS of traffic!!  He opted to go over Emory Pass, which is much more scenic, but a climb, no doubt, about 8500 foot elevation.  But, there is a reward in Hillsboro...PIE.  Good pie, too.  And ICE CREAM to go with the PIE.  Worth the climb...

I have added a couple of videos to this that show my bicycle at the county line between Hidalgo and Grant counties and another one on the way to Cliff/Gila.  On the way to Cliff/Gila, I encountered road crews that were putting down crushed stone on the roadway.  Just lovely stuff to ride on or ride next to.  Dodging flying stones is not fun; fortunately, I didn't get hit with any.

Please excuse the erratic videos.  I am still a novice at this and you can hear me breathing, whistling, talking to myself, etc., not to mention the erratic motion of the camera.  As I use it more and see the results, I'll get better at it...I promise.

On Sunday, I will head out again for a long ride, perhaps to Lordsburg again.  Next week, I'll be doing more long rides and will be practicing riding in humidity now that the monsoons have arrived.  Afternoon/evening showers will be the daily fare for the next 4-6 weeks.  Good training for the mid west and east coast cycling.  For the most part, I'll be heading out early, getting home before the storms hit.  Won't be long before I start out on my cross country ride.  Departure is sooner than I thought!

Andy Rivas:
County Line and my Cannondale:
Road to Cliff/Gila: