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Thursday, July 29, 2010

About Time To Take Off...

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything.  I have been busy finalizing things.  Went to Albuquerque a few weeks ago and did a ride with my friend, Santiago, and a friend of his.  Good ride; they're fast riders.  They made me work hard!

On returning home, I realized that I must have caught a bug from one of Santiago's little girls, so I've been dealing with that for about 10 days.  Feeling back to normal today, finally.  No riding, which put a crimp in my training, but I feel strong and will get stronger as I ride.  Just hope I don't get too drenched!!!  I have everything crossed that can be crossed for decent weather.

This Sunday, Aug. 1st, is departure day.  I will be heading towards Glenwood, NM, to spend the night with Roger and Katie Skagg.  After that, I head to Datil, NM, which will be my first 100 mile ride on the cross country trip.  When thinking about the long ride, I try to remember where it is that I'm headed to and what is there to do.  If anyone's been to Datil, NM, they know that there is nothing to do there except hike, which is an unlikely activity for me after putting one hundred miles on my bicycle!  There is a restaurant there and, should it be open, I will eat there.  If not, it's cooking at the campsite.  Oh, joy...

The total mileage for the trip should be about 3000 miles, which, I hope, will take about 37 days.  Had to add a shorter day in my efforts to get out of New Mexico because the stretch between towns was too long a ride, so I'm doing two shorter days.  The extra days that I have will be spent at Civil War sites and in Springfield, IL, checking out Lincoln stuff.

As the departure day approaches, I am feeling a bit anxious, but more about having decent weather than anything else.  With the exception of the ride from Glenwood to Datil and the extra day stopping at Ft. Sumner, the trip through New Mexico should be good.  Additionally, I'm beginning to realize just how long I'll be gone and how much I will miss Eileen...or, as she's known in Silver City, "THE WIFE".  We will have a good reunion in NY when she arrives there.

A little music from Willie, seems somewhat appropriate:
Willie Nelson "On The Road Again"