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Thursday, July 1, 2010

First 90 mile ride and Deon from Florida...

On Monday, 6/28/10, I headed out to the intersection of U.S. 78 and U.S. 180...which is 45 miles from our house in Silver City.  Beautiful day, wind at my back and plenty of water plus places to stop and buy water/food should I need any.  Just past Buckhorn, NM, I saw a cyclist up ahead and began pedaling a bit harder to catch up.

Upon catching up with the cyclist, we exchanged greetings...he was from Florida, Deon is his name, and he's an advertising/marketing guy there in Tampa.  He started his ride at St. Augustine, FL, and is headed to San Diego. I have added a video clip of Deon at the intersection of 78/180...and you can see the amount of gear he is hauling.  Deon had already sent back a CHAIR and a sleeping pad..the pad weighed 5lbs!!!  I cannot imagine... plus he had a BOB trailer/bag and rear panniers (Ortlieb).  He had enough gear to ride around the world, I think.  Hopefully, the load that I'll be hauling will be less, about 45lbs total...and only what fits in my panniers.  If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go with me.

The monsoons have struck and will be present for the month of July, if all goes as it usually does.  My hope is that, by August, they will have started to taper off and will be intermittent rather than daily.  Tomorrow, I'll be headed out toward the intersection of 78/180 again, but will go another 5 miles farther to complete my first 100 mile ride of 2010, if the weather permits.  The clouds move in quickly and I'm more concerned about lightning than the rain.  I can survive the rain.  Lightning is another story.

As the departure date gets closer, I am getting a bit more anxious.  I have several things to take care of before heading out and will have a week while Eileen is visiting her mother in Dominica before I head out to sort through everything once more.  Should I be in need of anything, I'll still have time to order it or buy it in Tucson.  Once I get on the road, I'll be more at ease.  And, yes, I'm sure that I will forget something...I'm just trying to make certain that it's nothing significant!!

Here's the video of Deon at the intersection of 78/180:  Once more, my apologies for the ongoing dialog...have to learn to keep my mouth shut.  At least the camera was more steady this time...and I didn't move around so quickly.

Now, for a little music...for of her favs, Randal Bays:  Hope that you all enjoy this clip.  Randal was in Silver City back in Jan/2010, for a Town of Silver City Library concert series that Eileen set up.  Randal was first performer in the series.  I hear Eileen playing this tune on her fiddle at least once a week.  She has to record some of her fiddle music for me to put on my iPod, so I can listen to her play as I ride across country.  She's a great fiddle player despite her thoughts to the contrary...!