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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Continuing thoughts...

Day 25:  Vandalia, IL - Flora, IL.  While in Vandalia, I took a few pics of the old state capitol building where Lincoln first served as a state representative..he was a Whig. The first 25 miles was into the wind again.  For the past week, I've had to deal with head winds, but yesterday's ride were the hardest headwinds.  At the 25 mile point, I headed East again...hurray...and on was on Rt. 50.  Lots of traffic with decent shoulders for most of it.  Got into Flora and ate at a local restaurant for lunch.  Burgers, fried chicken, iceberg lettuce salads.  The death of Americans served up on a platter.  Tomorrow, it's on to Washington, IN.

Day 26:  Flora, IL - Washington, IN.  Once again, the nearby choices were all the usual chain places.  The terrible diet of America.  Called Jake...begged him to overnight me some food!!  I have gotten spoiled by the food that's available in Silver City and the diet that Eileen and I eat.  Mostly vegetarian..which, I think, has more options/flavors than straight up meat based diet.  Vegetables have been scarce on this ride.  Will head towards Cincinnati tomorrow.

Day 27:  Washington, IL - Bloomington, IN.  82 miles.  You're right, that's not Cincinnati...I met a rider, Ken, former Marine, combat vet of Vietnam, who rides/hikes quite a bit.  Asked him what he thought of my taking Rt. 50 and if he had any recommendations.  He suggested that I head north to avoid the steeper hills that were just down the road.  Took my Indiana map out and we looked it over.  I decided to incorporate his advice into my travels and headed to Bloomington, IN.  Pretty decent riding through Amish country...saw several horse drawn carriages and got directions from one couple when I got a bit confused in the back country with no signage.  The last 16 miles was a busy road into Bloomington, IN, with narrow shoulders.  Tight squeeze a few times.  Before I turned down this route, I had stopped to check it on a map.  There was a small cafe where I stopped.  Kent, the owner, came out, told me I could park my bike against the cafe while I looked at the map...and offered me a cold drink....lemonade.  Tasted good and it was free, with a refill.  Nice people.  True blue collar folk who grew up in the area.

Day 28:  Bloomington, IN -   I'll be back....