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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughts from a bicycle seat...

As I ride through the country, I have many thoughts going through my head that I tell myself I will remember so I can put it on my blog the next time I get to a computer or a library...and, yes, I almost always forget those nuggets of wisdom that dog my brain for hours while riding.  What is that all about?  I cycled past one of the corporate cancer centers of Lawrenceville, IL...a WalMart distribution center.  Gave it the finger...

I met a cyclist outside of Montgomery, IN, who has ridden across country and he urged a change in my route, which I was considering due to the heavy traffic on Rt. 50 and minimal shoulders on the roadway.  His name is Ken, a former Marine...infantry/Vietnam...68yrs old...a nurse now.  Travels by bicycle everywhere and hikes.  He suggested Rt. 40, the old National Highway, which goes into Washington, DC.  I will head north out of Bloomington, IN, where I am Rt. 40, then East to Gettysburg...580miles.  Will spend a few days there, depending on how Hurricane Earl treats the East Coast...and me.   By heading north, I get to avoid the coal trucks of Kentucky and West Virginia.  Joy.  My new route will take me through Dayton, Columbus, along the border of West Virginia/PA/MD, then north at Cumberland to Rt. 30, the Lincoln Hwy, into Gettysburg.

I haven't been able to get access to a computer as much as I wanted to and most won't let me download from my USB connection on my, this library in Bloomington does, but my camera is back in the motel room.  Life.

The ride has been good in many, I'm above ground to do it; two, I'm fit enough to do it; three, fortunate enough to have a wife, Eileen, who supported me in this effort...although she did make me buy life insurance before I left...???  Hmmm?  Being on the bike all day, outside, enjoying the weather, not the headwinds, and meeting some very friendly people.  Stopped yesterday to look at my map outside a local restaurant about 16 miles outside of town...the owner came out and invited me in for a cold drink....lemonade.  Tasted great.  He and his son...Kent/Kyle...were interesting characters...definitely locals and very blue collar.  Loved it.

Day 24:  Springfield, IL - Vandalia, IL.  76 miles.  Head wind all day long.  Up to 20mph in the afternoon.  Did not make me happy.  I was talking to the wind as if it were able to understand me and not saying nice things to it.   When I got to Vandalia, the local places were closed, so my choices for dinner were:  The usual suspects...McDonalds, BurgerKing, Pizza Hut, Subway, crap, crap, crap....!  Off to Flora, IL, tomorrow.  Only have two minutes left on the PC...see you all when I can.