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Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, this is a bitch session. So, if words offend, stop reading at this point. Go further at your own peril of offending your senses.
Cateye's Adventure/Strada wireless handlebar bracket #1602193 is a piece of shit. No, there is not a "better" or more socially acceptable word to describe it. My wife gave me one for a Christmas present in Dec/2010. Presently, I am about to install my FOURTH fekkin' bracket on my 1987 Cannondale T-600 touring bicycle. The new bracket, as I hope you can see in the photo, has a small piece that sticks up and catches on the back of the Adventure bicycle computer. To remove the Adventure from the bracket, one lifts the top of the computer with one hand and push the bottom of the computer with the other hand. Should it work, the computer comes off the bicycle. A handy thing since these sell for anywhere from $89.99 to a whopping $170 (at REI, one of the most expensive places on the planet to shop, IMHO...)...and, "Yes, Virginia, there are thieves in the world who will take one of these off your little bicycle...I know, it's not right, but, listen dear, there are dicks in the world. Get over it..."
Now, the bitch session...this piece of shit bracket has a TERRIBLE system to remove the computer. CATEYE used to have a simple lever system...push down on the lever, slide the computer off the bracket. One of the old ones that I just gave away to a friend had this type of system and it worked for 20 fekkin' YEARS!!! This fekkin' new one hasn't worked for me for more than two or three removals before I broke the fucking thing (this line deserved something more than "fekkin'.."). We all know how manufacturers work...this won't be changed overnight or probably ever since they would probably have to do all sorts of R&D to figure out that the old system worked much better but they can't go back to the old system since the customer will probably demand a "new product" so we've got to get working on a "better" system, which will probably be worse than the existing piece of shit product. God the fuck did we all get so stupid when we work together as a group/manufacturer?
Alright...some of the venom poured out of me there. Sorry about that...well, not really, but for show, I apologize...okay? I have two more brackets and then I will buy another type of computer and never buy another CATEYE again. A thief isn't going to take the bracket, just the computer. With this type of bracket, I will probably break both of these with the month.
So long,'ve joined the ranks of SPECIALIZED tires since it took them THREE YEARS to respond to a very gentle email from me inquiring about their tires, which I LOVED...put over 5000 miles on a pair when I did a bicycle tour from Anchorage, Alaska, to Wells Beach, Maine. I swear the email was friendly...just wanted to know a little about their tubes. More on SPECIALIZED in another posting...