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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cruzbike Silvio Recumbent

Well, this is a bicycle that I am very interested in.  Their website, Cruzbike website, has more information on this bike, but, as you can see, it's a recumbent with full size wheels, double suspension and a movable bottom bracket.  The movable bottom bracket allows for people of different heights to use the same frame by adjusting the bottom bracket to the length of the rider's legs.  Seat is an integral part of the frame structure and is not adjustable.  It is at a 45 degree angle.  The cog set is on the front wheel and the chain is a normal length chain.  Cruzbike is out of Australia and is only sold online or via a few outlets (individuals) in the U.S.

Since there is no place/person in the immediate area that has one of these for me to look at/test ride, I'll be headed to Prescott, AZ, to meet with a rider there who has the Silvio and a Vendetta.  The Silvio is a road bike, while the Vendetta is a racing road bike.  The Silvio is the bicycle that Maria Parker used to set the Women's UMCA world record: Maria Parker sets UMCA Women's world record on a Silvio

If I like the way the bicycle handles when I try it out in Prescott, I will buy one after the first of the year and set it up for road cycling and touring.

Searching the web for a trailer, I found the Extra Wheel bike trailer.  It is just that, an extra wheel: Extra Wheel Bicycle Trailer  It will hold a set of panniers and carry up to 66lbs of gear.  The Silvio also can use a rear rack so that I could carry a set of panniers there for the lightweight gear and a rear rack bag.  The components from my touring bicycle and road bicycle will fit on this Silvio frame.  Perhaps the only change I might make, if I buy this, is to add a triple Ultegra chain ring and brake/shifter lever.  I may not have to since I have a pretty good set up now on my road bike.

Keep your eyes peeled and check back in October/2011 for an update from my trip to Prescott, AZ.  For a little music, here are the Steep Canyon Rangers, my favorite bluegrass band featuring Nicky Sanders, the fiddler: Steep Canyon Rangers