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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cruzbike Silvio

One of the things that I wanted to do in 2012 was to make the switch to a recumbent bicycle from the traditional upright "diamond frame".  After talking to Eileen, my wife, about a new frame, a recumbent frame, she agreed that I could purchase one this year.  My other two bikes, a road bike and a touring bike, are both about 25yrs old.  Not bad.  (An aside: for those considering purchasing a bicycle, think long term.  Yes, the initial expense can be high, but the bicycle will last a long time...and components can be upgraded.)

I started to look almost daily for anyone selling a Cruzbike Silvio.  While I knew I would buy one, I preferred to buy one that was not too old, in  good condition and perhaps came with components.  My goal was to not pay the full price for a new one.  The primary place that I searched was the website.  Not expecting to find anything quickly, I was content to sit back and search.  Who would think I'd find one quickly?

Last Sunday, I bought a used frame.  The owner had purchased it last summer in 2011.  While I didn't get components with it, I did make an offer and we agreed on a price!  It's in the mail and I am waiting anxiously and excitedly for the frame to arrive.  After building it up with the components that I have, I will once again get on this bike and ride.  My initial experience in Flagstaff, AZ, last September/2011 was humbling when I realized that NONE of my "diamond frame" bicycling skills would work on this bike.  So, with those memories still fresh in my brain, I will be easier on myself with my next attempt at becoming skillful in riding this recumbent.  And, hopefully, not draw blood like I did last September.  LOL...

Once I get the bike built, I'll put some photos on this blog and maybe some funny videos of me trying to get going on this recumbent.  So, until then, keep positive thoughts in your head/s about me being successful with this new bicycle!  Thanks so much in advance!!!

Another tune to keep you humming  ;-)))))