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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What??? 2012? Holy crap!

I know.  Everyone says it.  2012?  How?  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  To be honest, a lot of that time was spent on my bicycle.  With the new year, I've started up again and have done a one hour ride the past two days.  Feel pretty good, but the muscles that I've not used in the past 2-3 months are complaining a bit.  Not a lot, but definitely can feel it.  My goal: try to do at least one hour daily on my bicycle.  No promises.  I am capable of extreme laziness when I feel like being a slug.  Yes, I'm also a weather weenie.  Rain?  Wind?  Looks like rain?  Maybe I'll go to the gym instead.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve were fun.  Eileen's mom was here for the Christmas holidays and we took her back to Tucson a few days before her flight home from Tucson.  Spent New Year's Eve at Vivace's ( for some great Italian food, one of my favorite types of food and one of my favorite restaurants in Tucson, AZ.  On New Year's day, we took the tram up into Sabino Canyon and spent a few hours there.  We showed Eileen's mom around Tucson.  She'd never been in Tucson, so there was a bit of driving around.  Mon Ami B&B ( is our favorite place to stay in Tucson.  We stayed in The Petite Cottage.  Pat Sparks is the owner.  She used to own a French restaurant in Tucson, so you know the breakfasts are fabulous.

I got lots of books on U.S. history for Christmas, which I am presently immersed in and will enjoy reading these new books.  The U.S. Civil War was what I started on about 12yrs ago, but that soon expanded into reading about U.S. history from about 1750-1900.  Once I've read up on that time frame, I will reread some of my Civil War books and then launch into the 20th century.  When I was younger, I thought about being a history teacher.  Guess I never got past that desire.  Ok, enough for the first blog of 2012.  Here are a few tunes to get you going: