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Sunday, February 26, 2012


A bout of diverticulitis delayed my picking up the Cruzbike Silvio for a week, but went to the Twin Sisters Bike Shop and picked up the Cruzbike Silvio from Annie Crawford, owner and wrench of the shop.  Annie learned a few new tricks building up this bike since it is somewhat different than a conventional diamond frame bicycle. She did a sweet job putting it all together and I've been out on it three days in a row.

My wife, Eileen, shot some video on my second day on the Silvio.  If you saw me struggling with it on the first day, you'd be wondering, "Why did he buy that bike?".  Well, to be honest, those thoughts have cruised through my head once or twice, but I am a great doubter of my abilities when confronting an obstacle or two.  That said, I am stubborn, too.  So, the bulldog in me pushed on and I am happy to report that, as of today, I have not crashed, can stay relatively on my side of the street, can keep it going somewhat straight, and I climbed some hills.  Small hills but hills, which is important.

As you'll see by the videos I've posted here, from my second day on the Silvio, I am in learning mode.  Do you remember, when learning how to ride a bicycle as a kid, that when a car came within a block of you, you'd stop and wait for the car to go past?  Well, I do that now.  Do you remember how difficult it was to make the bicycle turn a corner and that one way was easier to turn than another?  Well, I do that now.  Left turns are easier.  My body was more relaxed today, as well as my brain, but a little wobble brought the tension right back!  I've had to wear sneakers and use my platform pedals so I am able to move my feet quickly from the pedals to the ground.  Helps to keep me from falling.

Having to learn how to ride a bicycle again is a humbling experience.  When I consider my history on a bicycle, you'd think I'd pick this right up on this recumbent, but it is completely different feel, balance, center of gravity, all the things that I know don't work except pedaling, shifting and using the brake levers.  All else is different.  Thus, stretching my brain and body.

The view, when I can relax for a moment, is excellent...a full 180 degrees, which is very different from an upright frame where I have to lift my head up to scan the horizon.  Sort of like driving a car.  While I was out today, I ran into Mike Fox, who was on a Catrike, which is a very cool three wheel tricycle.  I've seen Mike and his wife out and about on the streets but had not stopped to introduce myself.  He had seen the Cruzbikes before and this was the first time he'd seen one up close and personal.  They ride a bit too low for me since I'm concerned about visibility, but a sharp trike, no doubt.

Now, for a few videos:

After leaving the backyard and going down the hill to the corner, I stopped before taking off again.  As you probably noticed, I coasted down the hill.  In the next video, I actually pedal the bicycle.

Ok, a few  more very short videos and then the entertainment is over for this post.  LOL...then on to a bit of music that I like.

That's all,, a good tune, Stardust by Willie Nelson, to bring it to a close: