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Friday, March 9, 2012


It is cold out today, so I am embracing the weather weanie that I am...and I'm playing around with my blog layout.  While I wish I knew how to use this blog better than I do, being a non-techy person, I do struggle with it but manage to put something together. Tomorrow, 50% chance of rain/snow, then warm, sunny days.

If ANYONE reads this, any feedback you might have would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Will call Annie at Twin Sisters Bike Shop today to order the new braze on front derailleur that I need.  After I get comfortable with this bike, I will order a Phil Wood bottom bracket, English 68mm, and then I can put my worries to rest about having any problems with my bottom bracket.  I have Phil Wood hubs on my Velocity wheels (700cc), so no worries with those either.  They are the best.  Hands down.  Spendy, but worth the money for the peace of mind.

A bit off the usual topic, but I am deleting my Facebook account because I see it as more of an interference with my relationships with people rather than an enhancement.  Sometimes, seems like I have replaced contacting or getting together with people with an electronic version which is a very poor substitute...and it falls way short.  I will use Google+ instead, but will keep it very limited to friends and family.  No politics, pages, etc.

My politics are simple.  Take care of each other.  Pool resources for people first, business second, military third.  Above and beyond what monies are needed to be collected to do this, people are free to make as much as they'd like, but, first, we take care of each other.  The GOP or what used to be the GOP has gone so far to the right that I doubt it is going to survive.  Removing big business from politics is critical and removing its being defined as a "person" is an absolute must.  People must be able to participate in government.  I am a fan of a strong central government vs. state/local government.  Very few examples of any successful countries without a strong central government exist.  Health care, a place to live, employment, education, and paying your fair share is the premise of my politics which, collectively, will help us take care of each other.  Some relatively easy changes would correct things and put the U.S. back on track.

Enough of that.  Time to close...with some good music.  Hope y'all enjoy it.  John Hartford's In Tall Buildings:
 Heard this a few weeks ago at The Opera House in Pinos Altos, NM, by another singer/songwriter, Gregory Alan Isakov, who did a decent job with this tune.  In fact, I thought it was the best song he performed that night.  So, here it is for y'all.  I had never heard it before.  Unfortunately, John Hartford is no longer living and, while he was alive, he was not appreciated by the public or the music industry as much as he should have.  Take a bit of your time to listen to his versions of some of his tunes that were made popular by other singers.  He, IMHO, does the better job when he sings his songs.  Here's one that you will most likely know, Gentle On My Mind:

Ok, one last tune...speaks to my politics.  John Prine's Hello In There:
One of the greatest songwriters alive today.  Worth the time to listen to all of these tunes.