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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold, Snow, Cats, THE WIFE...

No bike stuff in today's blogging.  Woke up this morning to cold and snow.  The cold was a continuation of yesterday; the snow was the new added element.  Too warm for it to stick, but it is coating the grass.  While I do like snow and I do like skiing... and we do need the moisture...I would like warm sun, 60's/70's temps and to be on my new bike.  Not today.

So, being in a confined area and restless, I got out my Samsung video/still camera and shot a few videos.  Hold on to your hats.  Here comes some excitement...LOL.

 Okay, now, here are two videos of my wife who threatened to kill me if I posted these on Facebook because her hair was a mess.  She didn't say anything about me posting these on my blog.  Since she so infrequently looks at my blog, I figure I'm safe for a while...LOL.
Spent the day, so far, reading and uploading videos and working on my blog.  Now, time to fix some food for dinner.  A couple of tunes, as usual, to bring things to a close.  One of my favorites off the Chieftains "Fire in the Kitchen" CD, "My Bonny"...done as it should be done by Laura Smith: