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Monday, March 26, 2012

Grunting and groaning...uphill, downhill and on the flats.

After several weeks of dealing with diverticulitis, colonoscopy, weather, changing out the Ultegra components on the Silvio and putting on the touring components, and finally getting some great Spring weather, I have been able to get out on the Silvio several days in a row now.  Each ride has been at least 6 miles..or more.  Not much more, but more.  I don't have my Cateye mounted on the bike yet, but will do that tomorrow so I can start keeping track.

With each ride, I feel more in control of the bike.  While not comfortable yet, having better control is helping me get comfortable.  In looking at the website, Cruzbike, I read that using a wider bar on  the Silvio offers better control of the front end.  So, I ordered one today.  It's a WTB mountain drop bar.  It has a wider flat bar with drops that curve away from the flat part of the bar.  This provides better leg clearance, turning, front end stability and looks more like a normal handlebar than what comes stock with the Silvio.
WTB Mountain Drop Bar
I want to feel as safe and as comfortable on the bike as I can.  This is the bike that I want to tour with, so I need to be able to handle it as well as I did an upright, diamond frame bike like my Cannondale.  There are some mountain roads around here where one mistake will send a rider off the edge of the road and down several hundred feet ... and head first toward a real hurting.. or death.  With that ever present in my mind, I am determined to take this slow and easy and make damn sure I'm in control of this bike before I head off on other roadways.  Endangering myself and putting drivers in a situation where I dart out in front of them unintentionally is not good...for either of us.

That said, I rode much better today.  Now, I want to get stronger on the bike and do longer rides.  This should help me feel more in control.  The issue is odd, for me, because I end up doing something on the head off in a direction that is unintended..and I don't know why I made the bike do that nor do I know what to do to correct it.  Maybe that's something that happens when people are first learning how to ride an upright bike??? Probably.  I'll keep you posted.  Whoever you are that reads these posts.

Tomorrow is another day and I'll be out riding again.  Oh, in case you're interested, my colonoscopy was negative.  Hurray!  Trust me when I say that I'm relieved.  With our family's history of colon cancer, I was bitin' my nails.  Now, I'm good for 10yrs before I need another colonoscopy.  And, for those of you considering one and have heard that the prep the day before the colonoscopy to clean out your intestines, etc., is horrible.  Well, I had no problem with it.  Nothing I want to drink on a regular basis, but tolerable.  Several days before hand, I kept to a liquid/soft diet that was tolerable and, when it came time to clean out the tubes, it was easier.  But, most people complain of the taste of the prep and I didn't think it was bad.  Maybe it's because I have consumed my fair share of Gatorade, which can be salty tasting due to the electrolytes in the drink.  Whatever the reason, I did fine with it.  Don't be like me and put it off...get it done. It can save your life.

Ok, now, some "tunes", as my wife calls them...Iris Dement's "Our Town".  This song was played in the last episode of "Northern Exposures"...for all you fans.