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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A WINDY Day in New Mexico...

Springtime in New Mexico means wind...lots of it and often.  Today is a prime example of wind in this part of the world.  Gusts up to 35mph, which make bicycling a chore unless you're headed in the same direction of the wind.  For those riding or touring who are headed East/Northeast, today is your day.  For the rest of us, the day will be spent doing other things.   Take your pick.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better.  More wind on Friday, after which there will be a couple of days of sun with cooler temps.  THEN... a good bout of sunny days and warm temps.  Ideal weather for me to spend more time doing my favorite thing...bicycling and improving my skills on the Silvio.  

Speaking of which, I am getting better on it.  More control and, yesterday, I actually did two U turns on a couple of different streets without falling down, stopping, but I did feel a bit apprehensive, but they were successful.  Only had one episode of the bike going in a different direction than I wanted it to go.  Heading up Market St, which is a hill, I was almost at the top when the bike decided to go across the street instead of up the street, so I did a third turn and took another side street over to where our house is.  While this is too damn funny, it does show me that I have more work to do on gaining control of this "whatchamadooly", as my friend Denise Miller calls the Silvio, before I go out on roads with small or no shoulders.  Wouldn't be George Herbert Walker Bush use to say.

A week from Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, when we'll hold our annual party at our house with Eileen and friends providing the music via a traditional Irish music session to be held in the living room of our house.  Lots of good Irish fiddle music to listen to.  This is always a good party with so many good people and friends, which adds the other important ingredient to make it a good party.  Of course, there's the beer and Irish whiskey, too, but not too much.  Seems like this crowd has always managed to keep everything under control and that makes it even better.  Lots of music, good company, good spirits, good food....hard to beat.

Last night, a group of us got together at Jake's restaurant, 1zero6 , for a private party.  Jake cooked up a Russian dinner for us, which was excellent.  Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor: Reviews for 1zero6 restaurant in Silver City, NM

Haven't had Russian food since my trip to Chicago in 2006.  So, a few people brought some vodka.  That loosened people up and soon it was a loud, fun, boisterous crowd sucking down vodka...and raising hell.  Oh, and eating some damn fine food, too.  I have to say the 42 Below vodka from New Zealand was excellent...thanks to Barrett Brewer for bringing that.  Michele brought a couple of vodkas that were produced at a distillery on Long Island (or Longgisland, as they pronounce it there).  One was straight up vodka that tasted mighty fine and the other was a raspberry vodka, not sweet but flavored.  Good.  There was also some Absolut and Sky vodkas, also tasty and smooth, but not as tasty as the others.  

Enough for today.  Here's a tune to keep your feet tappin'...