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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

California Cyclists and SNOW...!

What can I say?  Weather in New Mexico can be dicey, at best, and quite unpredictable.

On Monday, when Jerry Harrison, his wife, Michelle, and their friend, Steve, headed out early in the a.m., the weather had changed from the day before.  It was cooler and the weather forecast predicted a 10% chance of precipitation.  On a positive note, the wind was a tailwind for them, coming out of the West/Northwest.

As they closed in on San Lorenzo, the temperature was dropping, clouds were forming, so they stopped at the Mimbres Valley Senior Citizens Center and broke out their lunch items...bread, PB&J, and Gatorade.  After their lunch break, as they started the climb to Emory Pass, ominous clouds had formed over the Black Range, as Steve's photos showed, and were not portending good things on the climb.

Bikes at the top!  Emory Pass
Clouds over the Black Range

Steve's Bike on Rt. 152

Michelle and Jerry at Emory Pass

Steve's dinner at our house.

Eileen and her fiddle!

Mimbres Valley Sr. Citizens Ctr

Me with my Silvio..saying adios to the CA Cyclists.

                Steve at the Continental Divide on Rt. 180 on Sunday

At 7000', the snow flakes began to fall.  By the time they got to Emory Pass, it was snowing pretty good according to Steve...and cold.  The snow wasn't sticking, however, which was a good thing.  Per Jerry and Steve, the descent down the East side of the Black Range was slow going because it was so cold.  They made it to their motel in Hillsboro, NM, cold but safe.

Next day, they headed to Las Cruces, NM, where they'll have a rest day.  I spoke to Jerry last night.  They were settled in at the motel and were heading out for dinner with a rest day on Wednesday, then off to El Paso, TX, on Thursday.

Happy trails to the three cyclists as they head into Texas and, fortunately, the tornadoes hit Dallas before these folks got into Texas!!

A tune to close things out...ok, here are three George Strait songs.  Some of my to have country music if you're riding through Texas.  It's the law.  I swear.  These are for Jerry, Michelle, and Steve.  Cowboy and Cowgirl up and start sayin' y'all, y'hear?