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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogs continued...

My friend, Mark Hinton, who writes 3 blogs and has done so for 10yrs, suggests that I write for myself and not worry if anyone else is reading it.  I like that.  So, here I am, writing for myself and hoping you, whoever "you" are, enjoy it to some degree.  I do.

Since I'm on the topic of blogs, here are a few I think are worthwhile.

First, Mark Hinton's blogs.  A shameless plug for Mark: he has authored numerous computer books.  Those "...For Dummies" ones.  Books that I need to read.  He teaches at UNM and knows a lot more than most people about how these contrary contraptions work.  Google him and find out what he's done.  Nothing popped up about him being wanted by the police anywhere that I could see...
Mark Justice Hinton
Mark's "Edgewise" blog
Mark Hinton's photos

Second, my nephew, John Busteed, and his S.O., Nancy Seibel do a blog on WordPress about bicycling.  They tour and do city bicycling (Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC) and have a much different view of bicycles/bicycling than what I experience in a small town in the midst of 3 million acres of wilderness.
John Busteed/Nancy Seibel Midatlbike blog

Third, my good friend, Jake Polette, who owns/runs/cooks at 1zero6 restaurant here in Silver City.  It's not really a "blog"'s his website where he posts his menus, usually by Thursday of each week, so those of us who crave his food and the ambiance at 1zero6 can call him and make reservations and tell him what we want to eat from his weekly menu.  Each week, Jake changes up his menu.  Each WEEK.  Yes.  1zero6 is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  That's it.  He shops for his menus weekly, so that's why we call and make reservations and tell him what we want to eat because, if we don't, he may sell out and/or we may not be able to get a reservation.  Pretty simple...and good.  Should you ever be in Silver City, make sure it's on a weekend so you can try out the food at 1zero6.

Fourth...well, I don't know a fourth one yet.  I'll keep checking blogs out and see what I like.  I found one that I may put on my blog called, which gives the following disclaimer: is a paid affiliate of JensonUSA, Bike Nashbar, Performance Bike and Product Partners LLC.

So, enough for today.  A tune to head out with from one of my all time favs, Luciano Pavarotti with, "Caruso".  It does not get any better than this.