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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Blogs.  Often, I wonder if anyone even reads this blog.  Rarely do I get comments on my posts.  In looking at the stats, I can see that the blog has had over 5,000 views since I started it.  The most viewed post was the one on the Keen cycling shoes.  Go figure.

As a member of, my wife and I frequently host cyclists that are going through Silver City, most often as they ride the Adventure Cycling Association Southern Tier Route.  Many of these riders keep a blog; all pretty much have emails.  But, the blogs are what get my attention.  I like to see what service they use, and to keep up with their rides and how they're doing.  Almost without fail, we make a connection with these riders, some stronger than others.  We have stayed in touch with Phil and Isla, as well as with Simon and Alia..the first two live in Scotland; the second couple lives in Australia.  How cool is that? 

Reading these blogs, seeing what and how they write about their experiences and what their experiences have been are key aspects of why I continue to read them.  Over time, I've begun to view these blogs as educational.  Where do they spend the night?  Where do they eat?  What have their experiences been with people, traffic, towns, and how friendly have people been?  How has their gear held up?  Any trouble with their bikes? How often do they post?  What do they use to post...their own devices or the public libraries?  All of these questions have given me information on how to improve things for my future tours.  They've also provided me with an opportunity to compare what I have done and how I've dealt with things compared to other touring cyclists. 

Perhaps the one thing that stands out for me is how often does a rider post to their blog.  Recently, three riders from California came through Silver City...see my post about them...Jerry, Michelle, and Steve.  They're from up around San Francisco, CA, and spent a night with us at the end of a very windy day.  After they left Silver City, I followed their separate blogs about their trip to St. Augustine, FL.  What I realized was that, when neither one of them posted for a day or two or more, I wanted to know what was up...Where are you guys?  How come you're not posting?  Reminded me of a scene from "Dances With Wolves":

With those questions came the realization that, if I was going to write a blog, I had to think about those who read it.  Posting on a regular basis was important, so these readers, like me, would not wonder, "Why don't he write?"  So, to those who take the time to read this blog, I will make the effort and see how it turns out.  If any of you have thoughts about this, please let me know.

To those cyclists that blog, thank you.  I learn a lot from what you post.  

Once again, to close, here's a tune by Vassar Clements: