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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cateye Adventure Bicycle Computer Review

Ok, this is a rant, but no cursing, just annoyance with Cateye.  Was heading out yesterday for a ride on the Silvio and I hit the wrong section of the bottom front of the Cateye Adventure, which shifted the screen to one that needs to be set, then a button on the backside of the Cateye needs to be pressed to reset it.  Yes, that means removing it from the mount and that could mean breaking another one.  All together, counting one mount that broke when the bike fell fault...I have broken four mounts with the Cateye Adventure.

Well, it came out with minimal issue and I calmly walked over to the concrete wall in our backyard, sat down,  and attempted to get the main screen back.  No luck.  I calmly set the Cateye Adventure on the top of the concrete wall and went into the shed to retrieve something large and heavy.  Returned with a large pipe wrench and, again calmly, smashed the Cateye Adventure into multiple pieces.  Yes, it was stupid, but I have discovered that those stupid moments can be SO satisfying.  Why is that?  Beating an inanimate object to death seems like such a brainless thing to do and not a rational thing in any respect, but I do it and I feel good before, during and after I've done it.  No more CATEYE ADVENTURE to frustrate me.  Now, I'm using my Cateye Strada until that, as I am confident it will, comes to the same end as the Cateye Adventure.  I'm typing Cateye Adventure frequently so that, should anybody do a search for the Cateye Adventure, they'll find this post.  True to every gadget created, Cateye took what was a great mounting system and "improved" it and "improved" how to access data on the computer so that now I refuse to buy another Cateye computer.

Before anyone says, "Well, you should have called or emailed Cateye."  I did.  No  response from Cateye, but they did send me three new mounts for the Cateye Adventure...exactly the number of mounts that I broke trying to remove the Cateye Adventure from the mount, but not four, the actual number of mounts that I broke counting the mount that broke when the bike fell over.  Great customer service.  You decide.  I realize that they're not going back to the engineer who designed the new mounting system and say, "Hey, you  messed up with this mounting system.  We're going back to the old mounting system that worked better."  Money talks, BS walks, as they say.  And there is money in these things..the Cateye Adventure lists for somewhere around $170...but is available for less than $100.  Not chump change.

At this point, especially for anyone who knows me, I am particularly proud of the fact that I have not used a single curse word.  What I am making a point about is that, for the money, Cateye has failed it's customers, IMHO, by the curse of engineering for the benefit solely of "improving" a device that already worked great.  They are surely not the only company that has fallen victim to that kind of thinking, just as I fell victim to having a "better" computer for my bicycle rather than being satisfied with knowing my speed, elapsed time, distance, and total distance.  Every thing else is optional really.  So, I have scoped out a few other bicycle computers so that, when the Cateye Strada is crushed by me under the weight of some excessively large, weighty object, I will be able to move on with little time spent looking for a replacement.

End of rant.  Thanks for listening.

A tune to go away with: Layla, one of my all time favs, from Derek and the Domminoes.  Way too many memories with this one.  Like Cateye...Cateye was the first and only bicycle computer that I ever used on my bicycles over the past 30yrs or more.  Layla is the one and only.  Truly, is there another song that compares?  I think not...