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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snake Hill...

Accomplished my 2nd goal with the Silvio recumbent today.  Got up Snake Hill (which is the last section of Market St. and it is a steady, relatively steep, winding climb that connects to Rt. 180...Market St. dead ends at Rt. 180 and that intersection is 1 mile from our house) this morning and did a 20 mile ride, 10+ miles of which is climbing.  So, with the descents and the climbs, this ride gave me the chance to experience two of the issues that I've been having with the Silvio...control on the climbs; control on the descents.  Both went pretty well today.  I was pleased.  As I do more, I'm certain that I'll gain more control.  Having watched a video of a cyclist riding the Silvio no handed, I am not sure that I'll ever get to that point with my control.  Truth be told, I've always had trouble riding no handed, even when I was a kid, so I won't work too much on that for now.

Tomorrow, there are supposed to be 33mph winds, so I think I'll head to the gym to do legs and run on the treadmill.  Running seems to be the single exercise that translates to being stronger on the bike.  The  corresponding weight loss, cardiac/lung improvement, and stronger legs definitely adds to being faster/stronger on two wheels.  On Thursday, I'll head south out of town for a 30 mile ride with a few hard climbs that are part of this stretch of Rt. 90 by the Tyrone Mine.  Friday, it is back to Pinos Altos, NM.  The weekend will be shorter rides with Eileen.

My next goal with the Silvio will be to start doing longer rides, eventually heading to Glenwood, but, first, to Gila/Cliff, NM, and, of course, farther up into the mountains on Rt. 15.  Perhaps, by the end of summer, I'll have made it to Glenwood and maybe have completed the Inner Loop ride (78 miles).  Got my fingers crossed...

Enough for today...a tune to close things out with: All Aboard by Del McCoury