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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 Miles Up In The Mountains On The Silvio...

Bit of a misleading post title there...actually, it was 15miles up; 15 miles down.  But, with lots of up and down on the 15 miles down part.

Today, I headed up to Pinos Altos, NM, and beyond...for my first real foray into the mountains on the Cruzbike Silvio.  It was a goal of mine to get to where I could handle the Silvio on a narrow country road that has no shoulder on it.  Traffic, while not heavy, is present and often the drivers are moving faster than they should be on that road.  Getting up the first 8 miles of the climb to Pinos Altos was the chore that I've come to expect.  Gasping and breathing hard the last 7/8ths of a mile to the top of the climb to Pinos Altos again.  I have to make this ride a regular part of my riding schedule until I can do that last bit of the climb without visualizing caskets that I'd be buried in at the top.  (Actually, I have another way I want things handled when I die, but Blogger would probably kick me off the site should I ever post THAT little idea.  Makes me laugh, but I think others would have a problem with my plan.  I only have one friend who I'd truly trust to carry out my plan after I die.)

Ok, back to the post...climbing!  I am getting better but I do have to add this climb to my weekly ride schedule so that I'm doing it at least x3 week until I can do that last stretch without gasping for air.  So, tomorrow, back to the hill, back to Pinos Altos, and back to the mountain roads.  It is beautiful up there and, when the weather is windy, as it was today, or hot, this is where I like to ride.  The canopy of the trees protects riders from the direct sun for quite a bit of this ride.  And, if a rider heads out early, it's actually cool up there...and you might see some wild critters.  Saw a coatimundi one time, as well as wild turkeys.

My legs were more tired after today's ride than after doing the 50 miles on Sunday.  Understandable considering the climbing/hills in today's ride.  This weekend, there are two touring cyclists coming into Silver City who have been touring for over 3yrs now.  They're from Switzerland...he's an architect; she's a pediatric  RN.  Expect to see them on Friday or Saturday, this week, and they'll spend 2 or 3 nights with us.  From Silver City, they'll take the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail north.  Because of the fire and fire danger, they'll have to ride to Reserve, NM, where they can pick up the Great Divide Trail since it's north of the fire zone.  Some packages of gear have arrived for them, which they'll use on their trek north.  Having come up through Mexico, I'm curious to see what their take is on what's been going on there and making all the headlines lately.  Hopefully, they've made it through with their heads still attached to their bodies!

A couple of tunes to go with...Townes Van Zandt for those who aren't familiar with him...sit back and enjoy..."Come Tomorrow" and "Dirty Old Town".