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Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Day on the Silvio...

Read on the Cruzbike website forum what "Silvio" stands for: "Speed is lovely; Velocity is orgasmic".  I like that.  It is a fast bike.

Today, I didn't do the long ride that I anticipated...had trouble sleeping last night, then the soap and shampoo holders in the shower fell...woke me out of a sound sleep about 3:30a.m. of the side effects of 12% humidity.  Things dry up quickly around these parts.  But, I did get out on the Silvio and tried the downhill tip from the Cruzbike website forum and it worked.  Much more stable descending with the bike today.  Had a minor issue with the Shimano M324 pedals.  Couldn't clip into the pedal on the right.  Will lubricate it today and see if that helps.

Forgot to mention that I climbed snake hill today, too.  I was much stronger on that hill this morning and I felt good.  Still need to get stronger, but I won't have to dig a grave site for me at the top of snake hill any time soon.  Wasn't gasping for oxygen today.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down Rt. 90 to do a mix of climbing and distance.  Got my fingers crossed for 40 miles and some good climbs.  Eileen gets back from her Irish music camp, Zoukfest Traditional Irish Music Weekend, today.  I have missed her.  She needed this Irish music fix.  Kind of like when I need to do a bike trip.  Gotta do it, y'know?  It's been too quiet around the house.  Usually, I am entertained nightly while Eileen practices her Irish fiddling.  It is good stuff.  I pretend to think it all sounds the same to me.  She laughs.

Bought one of those bicycling caps yesterday.  I needed a cap with a brim to help keep the sun out of my eyes.  When seated on the Silvio, my face looks forward into the sun.  The brim helps.  I  leave the hat in the helmet when I take the helmet off.  Some people look good with these caps on; I look like a dork.  So, until I find one that looks good on me, this will be the only one I own.  No negative comments, please...I am sensitive.

Enough for now.  A few tunes to go with...for Eileen.  It's terrible, I tell ya, I have to listen to this kind of music everyday.  Can you imagine?  Now, try and pronounce this name, "Caoimhin O' Raghallaigh".  It's pronounced, "Kwiveen O'Ralay" least, that's how Eileen says it.  His partner on this tune, on uileann pipes, is Mick O'Brien.  Much easier name to pronounce, eh?

Ok, here's one by Caoimhin by himself...

Here's one by Mick doing it solo...