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Friday, June 8, 2012

BICYCLE GEAR REVIEW: Minoura Besso Mount

To mount the NiteRider Rebel 3.0 bicycle computer to the Silvio, I wanted a mount that would fit on the top tube of the bike that goes from the handlebars to the bottom bracket.  So, it needed to mount in multiple ways, not just the handlebars.

After much searching online, I came across the Minoura Besso mount.  This is one of many types of mounts that Minoura makes...check them out here.  I purchased this one for under $10 including shipping on eBay.  This mount was the final nail in the Cateye coffin...when I mounted the Cateye on it, it still would not work because of the angle that the Cateye was at...apparently, it needs to be horizontal not vertical to the transmitter on the front fork.  Go figure.  Well, the NiteRider had NO problem working on this mount and, because it's vertical, I can more easily read it as I'm riding and it's beyond the handlebars, thus not in the way when I stand up or lean against the handlebars.  :-)))

Minoura Besso Mount
NiteRider Rebel 3.0 on the Silvio
Minoura Besso Mount on the Silvio
Minoura Besso Mount
-Mounts to handlebar, fork, or, in my case, to the top tube

-Somewhat difficult to get the mount on.  Definitely a "count to 10" item, but worth the effort.  Who know, you may get it on the first try???

This mount can be used on the forks of the bike for a light or a camera, as well.  Minoura also sells a mount that allows for more items to be mounted on a horizontal bar.  I may use this for the headrest on the Silvio.  I did get a bit frustrated during putting this mount on the top tube of my Silvio.  You may not have that issue.  Would I buy it again knowing that about it?  Yes.  It's quite handy and, for me, puts the bicycle computer just where I wanted it.

One more tune...Marvin Gaye, one of the best ever...Thanks to Mary Rains in L.A. for introducing me to him.