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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BICYCLE GEAR REVIEW: Salsa Everything Cage

While I have not really given this product a road test yet, I will do a short post about it.  I like the product, so far.  It's lightweight and holds the Hydro Flask 40oz Insulated Water Bottle really snug due to the straps that come with the Salsa Everything Cage.  After I got the cage mounted on the underside of the Cruzbike Silvio seat, I put the Hydro Flask bottle in the cage and took a short spin on the bike in the neighborhood to see if it would rattle.  No rattle.  That was good.

Hydro Flask in Salsa Everything Cage
Hydro Flask in Salsa Everything Cage
Tomorrow, I will head out early for a long ride and will try this out with a full Hydro Flask bottle in the cage. I will carry two 40oz Hydro Flask bottles under the seat for long rides and/or touring where I need to carry extra water, either because of hot temps or the need for extra water for camping.  Situated under the seat, these bottles don't interfere with my pedaling.  These cages are designed to carry camping gear, as well, should I ever want to do that.  I could easily mount my tent or sleeping bag in these cages.  Using compression sacks, I can get those items down to a very small, manageable size that would fit perfectly in these cages.

Next, a steel frame on the right side of the seat for a 9mm pistol/holster.  It will make it easier to access the weapon that I take with me for longer rides where the potential for encounters with less than friendly dogs is greater.  Yes, I would defend myself from these dogs.  As a kid, I was attacked and bitten by a German shepherd and know what that experience can feel like.  Scary.  People who have dogs and don't keep them contained in their yards because, "Oh, my dog is friendly.  S/he wouldn't attack anyone." should be fined, at the very least, and worse, should the dog attack and/or kill someone.  I had a woman say this to me while her dog, a Weimaraner, which are large hunting dogs,  is growling and barking at me.  True story.
Weimaraner hunting dog
Too many stories of pit bulls attacking people and killing them.  Just a few months ago, a woman was attacked and mauled to death in Truth or Consequences, NM, because the owner had let the dogs roam know, they're friendly.  They wouldn't hurt anyone.  Really?  Life Lesson #1: "Don't Be Stupid."  So, I carry a pistol.  I will not hesitate to defend myself should it come to that.

Now, on a happier note, a tune....Wes Montgomery, jazz guitarist, performing, "Impressions".  Back in Glens Falls, NY, a friend, Chris Carvel, lived at my parent's house while he and I were attending Adirondack Community College.  He had some of this guy's albums.  Fortunately, in my life, there have been others that got me beyond rock'n'roll.  Thanks...