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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cruzbike Silvio: Crash/Burn Update

The bike is in better shape than I am.  Thursday, late afternoon, I got the Silvio back with two new chain rings on it.  A 26T and a 36T...small, middle chain rings.  The large chain ring is 50T.  Now, I have a 26/36/50 chain ring setup with an 11-34 cassette, which gives me a fairly good range.  I took it out for a ride yesterday and the 36T middle chain ring allows me greater ease on the climbs in town.

As for me, I am recovering.  The day after the day after is always the hardest for me when I go back to the gym and start lifting weights after being away for a while.  The day after the first day back, no problem.  The day after the day after...OUCH!  That theme is holding true with my road rash.  It has scabbed over, which, while it is good, presents another issue...for my upper right hamstring in particular.  When I move it, the scab breaks open and that hurts.  It is still very sensitive but less so each day.  I am using vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel, which helps a great deal.  A friend recommended a clear bandage but, since it was scabbing over, I didn't think the bandage would help much except with the sensitivity part.  Maybe that's what it's supposed to do?  A few bruises showed up, too.  Not large, but there.  I have been back on the bike, yesterday and today, but very short rides.  When I have my cycling bib shorts on, I can pedal easier with less pain.  So, my schedule will be set back a bit, but, in the midst of all this, I did gain some insight. After adjusting  the top tube that connects to the movable bottom bracket and handlebars so my legs were not overextended, I discovered that I had better control of the bike.  At least until the chain locked up on the middle chain ring.  Now, when I do that move, I'll make certain the cranks can move before pushing hard on the cranks.

The real plus?  I have new, WHITE, handlebar tape.  I'm a sucker for handlebar tape.  Why?  Who knows. I just do.  And white, handlebar tape, too.  Don't like to wrap new handlebar tape.  I can do it.  Just don't like doing it.  And I've wrapped the handlebar ends with black, electrical tape to prevent the new tape from getting messed up whenever the bike falls over.  It will.  Can't predict when, but it will.

The greatest pleasure of all...RAIN.  It's raining now!  Don't remember the last time it rained.  Thunder, too. It's still overcast and has brought the temp down, which I really like.

Ok.  Some photos:

Silvio with new chain rings and the old black/white handlebar tape

Silvio with Jandd front rack used as rear rack with Jandd bag

New 26T small and 36T middle chain rings

Jandd front rack used as rear rack with Jandd bag for tubes, tools, rag, patch kit, tire tools, Cliff bar, and keys

Salsa Everything Cage ... one on each side of the seat bottom to hold my Hydro Flask 40oz Insulated Bottles.

The scrape on the WTB handlebars with the torn handlebar tape

Another view of the Salsa Everything Cage

Another view of the Cruzbike Silvio with the old tape but you can see the Salsa Everything Cage.

Cruzbike Silvio with the new, white, handlebar tape

Yet another view of the Cruzbike Silvio with the new, white, handlebar tape.  Black tape wrapped at the handlebar end is to protect the tape for those times when the bike falls over.
What I discovered today, as I inspected the Silvio more closely, is that the end of the handlebar, the end of the right shifter lever, the end of the right Shimano M324 dual platform pedal and me were scrapped up.  Me, the worst.  The back of the bike suffered no damage.  My torso must have kept that part of the bike off the road bed.  Much can be said about staying in shape.  Working out with weights, cycling, etc.  Because I don't think I would have held up as well considering the injuries that I did sustain if I were not in relatively good shape.  The goal now is to not fall again.

A tune to exit with and then go enjoy the rain...Lou Reed doing one of his best tunes.."Walk on the Wild Side".