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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Longest Ride To Date On The Cruzbike Silvio

Got up early this morning and took off down Rt. 180 towards Deming, NM.  Rode 50 miles...25 out; 25 back.  Only a few loop routes around here.  Out and back; up and down.  That's the routine here.  Will try for a 60 miler by next Sunday.  I felt very comfortable on the Silvio.  At the end of the ride, I was fairly beat, but I feel ok now.  Yes, I can feel it in my legs but my overall body isn't sore like when I'd ride that distance on  a DF bike.  Now, I don't want everyone to think that the Silvio magically makes the discomfort when first doing distances disappear.  It doesn't.  My shoulders, hands, arms, etc., feel very good.  Legs feel like I've given them a good workout but are in amazingly good shape today.  Let's see what they feel like tomorrow.  Tomorrow, a reasonable 20 miler, followed by a climb to Pinos Altos, NM, on Tues that will be about 25 miles, then, on Wed, another 50 miler.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it...maybe.

Tomorrow, I'll post about the cycling shoes that I'm using this summer...the Keen sandals and about the shoes I'll wear when it gets a bit cooler, the Keen cycling shoe.  Good footwear and, now, made in the USA.  Portland, OR, to be exact.  Keen moved their production from China to America.  I like that.

Two tunes to go with ... good ol' rock'n'roll.  Jerry Lee Lewis performing "Great Balls of Fire" on American Bandstand.

And from the guy who wrote "Blue Suede Shoes", Carl Perkins, circa 1956..