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Monday, July 23, 2012

Back To The Gym...Waiting For A New Stem.

With my bikes in limbo and the Silvio up for sale, I've gone back to the gym and to walking to/from the gym. Took the requisite ibuprofen prophylactically this morning at breakfast before heading off to lift weights.  Experience has taught me that the first day back feels good today and tomorrow, but, on the day after the day after, the body gets sore.  Now, if I was in my 20's, no problem.  That is not the case these days.  Better living through chemicals, eh?

A friend in town is having his old Ritchey frame painted by a guy in Silver City who does paint jobs for autos, so I'm curious to see how it turns out.  In researching powder coat paint jobs vs. regular paint jobs, the powder coat seems to be more durable than a regular paint job and have an equally good glossy finish to it.  So, I'm sticking with the powder coat paint job.  Steve Backenkeller from Tucson, AZ, was highlighted in an article by the editor of Tucson Velo, who had his Surly LHT frame powder coat painted by Steve in 2011.  He was pleased with the price and the finished product.  There are a couple of others in Tucson who paint bicycle frames, but I'm going to see what Steve can do for the Cannondale ST500 frame.

I ordered a Nitto Dirt bar for the Cannondale that I'm going to try on my Vitus first.  It's a long stem, 100mm, and the part where the bars connect to the stem angle upwards so I don't have to bend over as far on the bike.  It should be more comfortable overall.  If it works on the Vitus, I'll order another one for the Cannondale.  It ought to make the ride on the Cannondale even more comfortable.  Ordered it from Ben's Cycles/Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I should have it by the end of the week.  Once I get my hands on it, I'll put it on the Vitus and see how it feels.  Then, it's off to the bike shop to have it properly put together.  Yes, I can do some of the install but, when I take it to the LBS, it gets done right.  I'm having Bill at Gila Hike & Bike do the Vitus.  Annie, owner of Twin Sisters, will have the pleasure of doing the Cannondale.  Sharing the money between the shops is what I like to do.

No buyer yet for the Silvio.  I can wait.  It's in the shed not bothering anyone at this time.  I can be patient.  Really.

Ok, time for a tune...Benny Goodman band doing "In The Mood"...great music.