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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making the change...SILVIO is for sale.

Well, I headed out this morning for a ride on the Silvio.  Beautiful day, cool breeze, sunny...almost Septemberish weather.  As I headed up Snake Hill, I realized that the Silvio is not the bike for my needs.  My primary interest is touring and, while the Silvio is sleek and fast, it doesn't fit my need for a good, solid touring bicycle.  I could ride it another 500 miles, but I don't think the reasons why I want to ride will change nor will the Silvio become more of a touring bike for me.

Also, since touring is my major desire now, I'm selling the Shimano Ultegra groupo and wheelset with the Silvio frame along with accessories that I've put on the Silvio...the Salsa Everything Cages, the water bottle cages, the Minoura Besso computer mount and the Shimano Dura Ace pedals.  I've also included an extra front wheel skewer and derailleur hanger plus the two handlebars...the original Cruzbike handlebars and the WTB mountain road bars.  Oh, and the Jandd Extreme front rack that fits on the back of the Silvio.

Now, it's wait and see who will be interested in buying it.  I'm asking $3500.  That's really a good deal when considering everything I've included in that price.

Before it starts raining today, I'm going to put my Cannondale back together and use that while I decide what I want to do.  It has always been a trusty steed for me.  Tomorrow, I head to Tucson to try out a couple of trikes, too.  See what I think of those...will post on the blog about the trip to Tucson by Thursday.

Feels good to make up my mind and move on....

A tune to exit the post with....actually, today, a movie clip from "Risky Business"...WTF.  One of my favorite scenes.  Enjoy...
Okay, now a tune..."Tracks Of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
Same tune, different artist...Linda of my favs...