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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On The Road Again With The Vitus and My Wife...

Slept in a bit this morning.  Got on the road about 0900 with Eileen on her Surly LHT and me on my trusty steed, the Vitus.  We only rode about 10 miles, but it was the longest I've done on an upright/DF bike in months.  To be quite honest, I felt stronger on the Vitus today than I did on the Silvio, particularly climbing.  With the Silvio, I was always using very low gearing, if not the lowest, to climb and was working really hard. One benefit, I am stronger overall because of how hard I had to work on the Silvio and that's translating to the Vitus quite nicely, thank you.  Truly, the benefits of the recumbent are true...comfort, view, down hill speed without pedaling, etc., but the climbing is not ever comparable...the Vitus wins hands down.  I haven't put the computer on the Vitus I don't know max/avg speed for this morning's ride.  Indubitably better though...always liked that word, indubitably.  Sounds like a word that would fall out of a stoner's mouth after you asked if s/he was feeling good after a few tokes.  "Indubitably."

I have been in touch with Steve Backenkeller in Tucson and am close to setting up a date/time to go over and get the Cannondale ST500 painted.  He sent me a link to Colombia Colors for me to take a look at and narrow my choices down a bit.  Right now, my fav is Hawaiian Shimmer Blue...very nice.  Elegant, actually.  I have a list of about 12 colors and will narrow it down from there.  Once that paint job is done, I'm anxious to get the bike built back up so I can see about some overnight/two night trips.  First, I need to get some distance on the bikes again.  Fall is coming sooner than we think...Maybe a trip to Albuquerque via Cannondale ST500???

Ok...tune to exit with...J.D. Souther doing his song, "Faithless Love".  Not many people are familiar with J.D., but he's a singer/songwriter type who wrote songs for Linda Ronstadt, Glenn Frey, and Bonnie Raitt, among others, although he never had much of a commercial presence on his own.