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Monday, July 30, 2012

On The Vitus Today For A Longer Ride...

Rode 25 miles today.  Got up around 0730, fed the cats, made an espresso for Eileen, had some yogurt and banana and headed out the door around 0820.  Took off down Rt. 90 past Tyrone, NM, to the top of the 4.5 mile climb, drank some water, got back on the bike and headed back to Silver City, NM, for a meeting I had this morning.  The Silver City Clay Festival is this weekend and friends of ours are coming in from Florida to participate in it.  Actually, Nancy Pawlowski is.  She and Jerry Rabinowitz, her husband, who is an architectural photographer, will be coming to visit and Nancy will be doing a presentation at the Town of Silver City Library this Friday evening.  Anyways, all that just to say that I'm volunteering to help out and I had a meeting this morning at 1030.  Since I was travelling pretty fast on the Vitus, I got close to town quicker than I planned so I added some miles to the ride.

The Vitus continues to feel good.  Of course, there are the physical adjustments with a DF recumbent seat and different seating position, which use different muscles than a rider does on a DF bike.  Being upright, there is more stress on the hands, butt, neck, and shoulders.  The recumbent had its own quirks when it came to physical adjustments.  So, this is part of riding.  Overall, I felt very good on the bike and the bike handled so well.  No moments of anxious anticipation on descents like I had with the Silvio.  Just let it rip and hang on.  Speed is fun.

Tomorrow, a shorter ride and a meeting at 0900 at the Murray Hotel in Silver City, NM, to look at the space there where Jim Leidich and I will be volunteering on Friday and Saturday.  There will be a number of activities, exhibits, and sales going on there and we're there to, well, I'll find out more tomorrow, but, mostly, it's because Jim and I are such excellent bullshitters and interact with strangers well.  Jim is bringing the single malt scotch to take our level of bullshitting to new heights.  Just kiddin'.  Really.

Ok, a tune to get out of here with..."Night and Day" by Tony Martin.  Tony died today at age 98.  He was one of the last crooners of the Hollywood era from the 1940's, 50's, etc.  One of my parents favorites, we grew up listening to these crooners despite our protests to our parents that this was way too corny.  Some pretty good tunes and singing, IMHO.  Tony was married to Cyd Charisse, one of those classy, glamorous dancers, singers, actresses of the same era.  Tony continued singing until just recently..and got good reviews, too.