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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sometimes Old Can Be New...

I've posted the Silvio on the Cruzbike website and time will tell what happens next.  Today, I cleaned up my Cannondale ST600 touring bicycle.  After some research, I discovered it was built on 4/15/1986, and was the 105th bike built by Cannondale that year in Pennsylvania.  Yes, a bike built in the USA.  So, after looking at the cleaned up Cannondale, the frame has plenty of nicks, etc. and I thought...hmm, what if I got this painted?

So, back to the computer and more research.  Found a place where I can get it powder coated for $140, I pay for shipping.  Sent the guy an email about this being an aluminum frame.  The newer Cannondales have thinner walls, but I believe mine would not be a thin walled frame.  The frame is sandblasted, painted, baked, clear coated...then shipped home to me.  Have you ever tried to figure out what color you'd paint your bike if you had a lot of choices?  Jesus...racking my brain.  Narrowed it down to pearl white, glossy yellow, or candy blue.  Now, to have a beer and figure out the answer.

If I'm unable to sell the Silvio, I'm going to put the Ultegra components/wheelset back on it and ride it, but will use the Cannondale for touring.  I figure for $140, I get a new paint job, put some better components on it, and, voila, a new touring bike that's 25yrs old.  Wait.  That's 26yrs old.  Then, when I either sell the Silvio or wait a while, save some cash, and then go looking for an ICE Adventure trike.  Who knows?

Here's a short video about the ICE Adventure...

It sure looks comfy, doesn't it?  Next time I'm in Tucson...which will be next month..I'm going to try one out.  

Now, a tune to exit this post...Rolling Stones..."Start Me Up".  Timeless tune...Timeless band.