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Monday, August 20, 2012

To Tucson And Back In A Day ... And Some Thoughts About My Life.

Took off this a.m. around 0800 for Tucson, AZ, with my Cannondale ST-500 frame and got to Steve Backenkeller's around 10:15a.m. Tucson time...11:15a.m. Silver City time.  Light traffic both ways really.  Set the cruise for 80mph and sit back and drive.  Had the iPod going so I could listen to some good music.  When I got to Steve's house, he showed me some items with various shades of blue and I picked a metal flake blue.  It was lighter than what is presently on the Cannondale. All the way home,  I was debating in my head if I wanted that color or a steel blue that I also liked.  The Cannondale ST-800 back in 1986 was painted a similar are some photos of that bike:

On my arrival home, I called Steve and changed the choice of color to the steel blue with a gloss final coat.  The gloss will bring out the color and protect it, too.  Since I spoke with Steve, I've not debated the color in my head...must be the right one.  I have a Brooks Flyer Special antique brown touring saddle to put on the Cannondale and will purchase the Brooks antique brown handlebar tape to match the pictures above. Unlikely that I'll put fenders on it, however...never used fenders...haven't had the need.  Maybe one for the front since I'll be using a low rider rack for the front.

When I got to Steve's house, he was looking over the Cannondale and I was telling him the history of the bike and the rides I've been on with it.  As I started to explain to him that the forks were steel not aluminium,  I realized that I had not brought the forks with me.  Damn.  Fortunately, he didn't need the forks right away, so I mailed them to him after I got home.  Been doing that crap all my life.

On the way over and back to Tucson, I listened to a song by Van Morrison on my iPod, and I was reminded of one of his songs, "Whenever God Shines His Light".  Now, I'm not a religious person, after much thought and deliberation.  Whatever power created all of this, I have no clue.  What made this song relevant to me was the lyric,  "...he will lift you up, turn you around and put your feet back on higher ground...".  At one point in my life, I realized that, should I continue down the path I was on, I was going to end up in some serious shit.  So, taking all into consideration and looking at where I was, what I had been doing, and what I wanted, I lifted myself up, turned myself around, and put my feet back on higher ground...and started down a different path.  Thankfully.  This evolution is ongoing and bicycling helps me with meditate, think, cogitate, etc., while I'm on that saddle, looking at the world around me as I go pedaling through it all.  Is there a "higher power"?  No clue, really, but this song's lyrics resonated with me and tweaked those memories of how I got here...still alive and above ground.  Good place to be.  Frequently, still a loud mouthed jerk, despite my best efforts to be different, but not as bad as I used to be and still working at being a better me.  I think.

Anyways, enough for today..and here's Van Morrison's "Whenever God Shines His Light" for y'all to enjoy, I hope...