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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vinegaroons at 2:30 In The Morning and Some Bike Rides

Ok, let's talk about Vinegaroons.  When Eileen and I moved into our house, we didn't have screen doors on the front or back entrances, so I often left the doors open for air movement.  Since we have minimal bugs/flies here, this really didn't present a problem.  Ah, what you don't know, can or can't hurt you. In this case, it was more a shock/surprise than anything else.  Summer of 2006 was when we moved in and when we had our initial encounter with a vinegaroon...or whip scorpion, as they are also known.  Eileen walked into the living room, called out my name, and I went to see what was up...  Holy mackerel... it was a HUGE scorpion, or so I thought.  I went and got a large container that I thought I could scoop this thing up with, but, when I got back to the "scorpion", I realized that I'd need a bigger container.  Got that, came back, covered the scorpion, slide a newspaper under the container, and took the scorpion outside.  Put it down and took a better look at it.  It was BIG.  By this time, Eileen had looked it up in one of her nature books and discovered it was a whip scorpion better known in these parts as a vinegaroon.  It got the name because, while it doesn't sting like a regular scorpion, it emits a vinegar smelling acidic spray to ward off its enemies.  It has large claws up front like a scorpion, which I'm sure can pinch pretty hard.

So, last night, when Eileen couldn't sleep, she was in the living room and headed into the front bedroom.  Me, I'm sound asleep.  Into our bedroom comes Eileen, scares the crap out of me when she wakes me up, and tells me there's a large scorpion in the front bedroom.  So, clear my head, grab a flyswatter, and follow her to the front bedroom.  Oh, by the way, it's 2:30a.m....get to the front's a vinegaroon.  Head back to the kitchen, get a large container...well, you know the drill..I took it outside and put it in the backyard.  And, yes, I am naked.  Hey, it's summertime.  Hell, I sleep in the nude all year.  The only difference is using a blanket or not depending on how cold it is in the bedroom.  That done, I headed back to bed.

Also, this week, I've gotten on the Vitus every day and have it pretty much dialed in.  Tomorrow, I'll head out with Eileen for a longer ride again and see if it needs any adjustment.  On Monday, I head to Tucson to take the Cannondale to get it painted.  Yeehaa!

Ok, enough for today.  A tune...Another fav, Kevin Burke...doing what he refers to as "miserable" jigs.  Saw him in a small venue in Albuquerque, NM, many years ago...small audience, very intimate setting, too.