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Thursday, August 30, 2012

LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot Review

The LuxuryLite Ultralite cot.  I bought this to take with me on my cross country bicycle ride in 2010, but, due to heat/humidity, I didn't use it much.  I have used it since a couple of times and it works great.  Easy to put together/take apart and it weighs under 3lbs.  It makes all the difference in the world when sleeping outside.  Whatever the ground is like, it's ok.  A bit of a slant to the campground, no problem.  Sleeping on the cot levels things off and makes whatever the ground cover is a moot issue.  A bit pricey until you think of how much you save not spending money on a motel room.

LuxuryLite UltraCot in the bag

All the parts again

Same parts again...

Side poles, top cover, and parts

Poles put together 
All the poles put together laying on top of the cover

The poles put on the cover

Cot put together resting on the poles
Here's a video of how to put it together.  I have enough poles for two poles at each position, which keeps the cot about 4" off the ground.

-Allows user to set up camp on any surface.
-Easy to carry


This piece of equipment, while not required, makes a big difference when camping.  It allows the user to set up camp on any surface...concrete, sand, an incline, rocky, uneven, etc., because the cot allows the person to adjust to an incline or avoid the uncomfortable aspect of any surface that's not flat or not grass.  Is this an extra that may not be needed?  Yes.  It is, however, IMHO, worth the cost when considering saving money on motels and saving my back on the hard ground.  I am not young any more, so this helps and I like it.  Worth the weight on a bicycle trip.  Makes for a comfortable night's sleep. 

Ok, a tune to get out of here with...The Temptations singing their signature song, "My Girl"...learned to dance to this one as a teen.