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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Powder Coat Paint Job And Steve Backenkeller

Several weeks ago, I read an article in the Tucson Velo about Steve Backenkeller and a paint job that he did  on a Surly Long Haul Trucker frame.  The editor of Tucson Velo wrote the article and was happy with the outcome of the powder coat paint job on the Surly LHT frame.  In the article was Steve's email address, so I shot off a quick email asking Steve if he still did this kind of painting.  I had read some articles online about powder coat paint jobs and they seem to be more durable than a regular paint job.  That appealed to me and I liked that the bike would be ready to put together as soon as it was painted.  Unlike regular paint jobs, this does not need to "cure" for a few days/weeks before putting the bike back together.  Another plus.

Got a quick response from Steve.  He was out of Tucson on vacation but he asked me to contact him when he got back to Tucson...and he still did the painting on bike frames.  Yes.  So, for those of you who have been keeping up with my blog, the rest is "history".  Made arrangements with Steve to bring the frame and fork over to his house in the northwest part of Tucson, out Ina Rd. and way up Thornydale Rd.  Steve lives in a part of Tucson that still looks like the northwest part of Tucson looked when I lived in Tucson.  Dirt roads; two lane roads.

A very nice guy...truly.  Born and raised in a small community and grew up on a farm.  Something about kids growing up like that ... gives them skills that most kids don't get a chance to acquire.  Steve built the oven he uses to "bake" the paint on the frame or whatever it is he's painting.  A very cool process.  The frame/fork are electrically charged and the powder is also electrically's positive; one's negative.  Nothing is left floating around in the air like regular paint jobs.  So, this process is "greener".  No pollution.  In my previous post about the Cannondale ST-500 paint job, you can see the results of Steve's work. 

Cost: $120.  Very hard to beat that, IMHO.  I'd highly recommend Steve and a powder coat paint job should you be looking to get your bike frame/fork painted.  I'm very happy with the looks of my Cannondale.  If you're interested, his email is:

Ok, a tune to get out of here with: "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles.  Big tune when I was in high school.