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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A long time in the making, but the Cannondale ST-500 is road worthy once again.  Despite my short adventure with the Cruzbike Silvio that didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, I have once again brought to life my Cannondale and my Vitus bikes.  While the Vitus didn't really need anything done to put it back on the road other than re-installing the groupo, wheels, etc., and putting the taller Nitto stem on it so I'd have a more upright position on the bike, the Cannondale was a bit worn looking.  Nicks, scratches, decals, etc., made it look a little more worn looking than it actually was.  As anyone who's been keeping up with this saga knows, the Cannondale has a brand new paint job, powder coat paint job, and it looks great.  Almost brand new.  To go along with this, I added Shimano Deore LX cranks and bottom bracket and a Chris King headset.  The Shimano Deore LX front derailleur just didn't seem to work right with the Shimano Tiagra 9spd triple shifters, so I put the Shimano Tiagra 9spd triple front derailleur back on the bike.  Worked like a charm.  I will keep this post short and just fill it with photos.  Later on, I'll do some others.  I took these in the early afternoon, so the sun was pretty bright.  Will do some when I get the racks back on the bike.

Voila, photos:
In the shade, the paint almost looks black.  It's steel blue.

Velocity Dyad rims for touring/36 spokes

Phil Wood rear 8/9/10 spd rear hub

Phil Wood front hub/36 spokes

Love it...

Shimano Deore XT 9spd rear derailleur

New Cannondale decal and Brooks leather handlebar tape

Shimano Deore LX 9spd triple crankset.  26/36/48

Brooks Flyer Special touring saddle in antique brown to match the handlebar tape
More and better photos later, particularly after I get the racks back on the Cannondale.  Now, a tune to exit with.  Annie Lennox singing "Sweet Dreams".  Bummer, she just got married again.  I wish I'd known that she was available.  Tripped my trigger a long time ago.  Whodda thunk that a woman with a shaved head and orange stubble would be a knockout?  She was/is still...Enjoy.