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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christine Anneberg, Dartmouth College Lacrosse Assistant Coach, Ridin' the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Christine came flying into Silver City over her handlebars...literally.

This is one of those odd stories with connections all over the place.  Let's start at the beginning.  On any given day, I check out a website called, Track My Tour.  Once it opens, click on "Browse".  A map opens with all these little icons all over the world.  Really.  Then click on the "bicycle" icon in the upper left.  Voila!  A bunch of these little icons open up that are people who are riding a bicycle in any given spot around the world.  Click on North America.  It will display icons representing people bicycling in North America.  Click on one of the individual icons and it's somebody or some people riding across America/Canada somewhere.  So, how is all this connected?  Several weeks ago, while perusing this site, I happened upon a rider who was riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route....solo.  Bicycling anywhere solo is impressive to me.  Riding the GDMBR solo is very impressive, regardless of gender.  This rider happened to be female.  What caught my eye?  Actually, it was the photos and then I watched a video she had taken in her tent while the wind was HOWLIN' outside her tent.  In Montana, I believe.  Sand was blowing everywhere.  Particularly from outside to inside her tent.  Her faux touching comment to someone at the end of the video was great: "Wish you were here!"  LOL...  The video was funny and I was interested in the camera she was using.  Might be looking for one when I do a long tour again.  Here's her Track My Tour site.  Here's her blog: Ride Divide

Ok, there's more to the story.  Today, I went for a ride up the hill to Pinos Altos, NM, and a couple of riders caught up with me, Ted and Phil.  They're in better shape than me so they made it to the top of the climb before me, but I held my own.  They turned around at the top; I went on for a bit longer then headed back into town.  Stopped at Gila Hike & Bike to tell Jack about Liberty Bottleworks...the only company that makes stainless steel water bottles in the U.S. not China where every other company has theirs made.  Couldn't remember the company's name last week when I was talking to Jack about them...a "senior moment", the kind I've been having since I was a kid but now can excuse myself because I'm a geezer.  While there, I told Jack the company's name, he showed me some Tour of The Gila graphics that they're considering using.  They're trying to pick one graphic to use over the course of several years vs. changing it annually.  I like that.

As usual, I began looking at what was in the shop and what was new.  While browsing, I heard a woman talking to Martin.  He happened to be working on her bike.  When I looked over, she looked familiar to me, so I headed towards where she was standing...and, WTF, it's the woman from the video of the sand being blown into her tent that I'd seen on her blog via Track My Tour.  Starting up a conversation with her, I told her that I'd seen her stuff on Track My Tour and that the video of her in the tent was a favorite ... made me laugh.  So, we chatted while her bike was being tuned up/checked out and she told me that, on her way into town, coming down Rt. 15 from Pinos Altos, NM, yesterday, she was rolling along about 35mph when her front tire blew...which blew the tire off the rim, the tire got caught up on the fork, etc., and she came "flying" over her handlebars into Silver City.  Actually, she was right outside a veterinary clinic when she bit the dust.  Coming up behind her, in a car, was a nurse who stopped and took her to Silver Health Clinic where she got her road rash taken care of and got a couple of stitches in her right arm near her elbow.  From there, she got a ride to the Motel 6 on Rt. 180 that 's pretty close to downtown.  This morning, she went across the street from the motel to the Enterprise Car Rental agency and asked about renting a truck to take her bike into town to get it fixed.  The guy there said they didn't have trucks but they'd give her a ride into Silver City to the bike shop.  These kind of people are all over the U.S....and the world, too, I'm sure.  So, that' how I ran into Christine.  Oh, and she knows/met Jenny, Josh, Trey, and Gen (the uni-cyclist).  They've all been keeping in touch via texts, twitter, phone calls, etc.  Small world out there on the GDMBR.

After her bike was fixed, I bought her lunch at Masa y Mas, which is a great Mexican restaurant that a couple owns/operates and they make their food from scratch.  Good stuff.  Christine likes tamales, so off we went.  She went to Brown University in Rhode Island, where she played serious Lacrosse.  After graduating from Brown, Christine thought she'd become an attorney, but a friend of hers knew she was very interested in Lacrosse, had even tried out for the U.S.A. team (didn't make it but was good enough to get a tryout) she hooked up Christine with an interview for a Lacrosse assistant coaching job at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, where she says she's been part of the coaching staff for 10yrs.  When she gets back to Dartmouth, she, along with the Lacrosse team, will be heading to Australia to play Lacrosse there in December.  Tomorrow, she heads out of town for the border and will probably take 2, maybe 3, days to get there because she's a bit sore today from her fall yesterday.

As I've said before, riding a bicycle here is very different than anywhere else I've ridden...I have met people from all over the world...on all kinds of bikes, doing all kinds of things...and it's always fun and interesting.  Ok, some photos:

Christine in Banff at the start of the GDMBR

Christine at the top of the hill in Pinos Altos, NM, before her fall.
The bike after the crash...YIKES!

Looking worse than it was...straightened the rim, replaced the right handlebar grip that got shredded.

Christine with the camera on her that I'm interested in.

Christine's breakfast today at Vicki's...two entrees.

Christine's Salsa mountain bike

Christine's Salsa mountain bike in Banff...still shiny new.
Alright, now a tune to get out of here with...for Christine.  Happy trails!  And enjoy Australia!  Kate Wolf singing, "Across The Great Divide".  Thought it apropos...