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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flat Tires Suck...

Did a 30 mile ride today.  Starting to pick up the distance thing.  Riding on Schwalbe Ultremo DD 700x23 tires.  Smooth ride.  But today, two flats.  The first one...who knows what happened?  I don't.  Anyways, instead of replacing the tube, which I normally do, I repaired the flat.  Or at least I thought I did.  Again, who knows?  While it wasn't very "green" of me, but felt good in that odd way that only doing something stupid can feel good, after the second flat, when I stopped to fix it, about 10 miles out on Rt. 180 towards Cliff, NM, I tossed the tube into a tree and then put a new tube in the tire.  I know.  I know.  Hey, I felt good doing it because I was pissed off, ok?

I replaced the tube and rode home.  The ride took longer than I had planned because of fixing two flats. The second flat may very well have been "operator" error since I didn't just replace the first tube...and then fixed it when I got home.  While en route home, after fixing two flats, I also got rained on...actually, just pelted with a bit of rain.  Kind of like Reagan's economic theory, "trickle down", I got trickled on.  Let's not go farther with that, ok?  Good...

2012 has been that sort of year for me, so far.  I have high hopes of having a better year in  2013.  This year has been one of those years where, if there are options, whatever I'm doing will lean towards the worse option.  In so many ways.  Enough so that, now, I get pissed off when the shit happens.  Thus, the tube in the tree.

Ok, that's it for today.  Here's some music to get me out of here....Woody Guthrie singing his tune, "Hard Travelin'"...seems apropos for today's ride.