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Friday, September 7, 2012

Janey Katz, Waitin' On The Cannondale, And Cooler Weather

Been on the Vitus everyday this week, with climbing most everyday.  What am I saying?  Riding a bicycle in Silver City and its environs means climbing.  Period.  Everyday.  Every where.  Ok, got that straight.  So, to reiterate...been on the Vitus everyday this week.  Feeling stronger.  Able to get up out of the seat and "post it", as my Canadian friend, John "The Hammer" Fleming, from Kamloops, BC, and I say.  It's a joke on times and people past.  You know'em, too.  They're the ones that just HAVE to be in the lead.  They ride just to look back at you and say, "Hurry up!".

Yesterday, at the end of my ride, I rode through downtown Silver City...saw Janey Katz's car at Yada Yada Yarn, so I checked to see if she was there.  Yup.  I told her that I'd heard around town that, since I bought a new, plastic water bottle cage, she was a bit intimidated about riding with me, afraid I might embarrass her.  Just joking!  Anyways, she took a moment or two to check out the new done up version of my old Vitus.  It does look pretty and classic.  Told her that I wanted to ride with her.  Well, we headed out together this a.m., 7:30a.m., and it was beautiful this morning, too.  She was riding her Colnago C59.  I told her not to ride too close because I might drool on it.  It IS gorgeous.  Check it out...

It's all carbon fiber, Shimano Dura Ace Di2 gruppo, carbon fiber water bottle cage...anyways, a stunning bike.  What I admire about Janey is that, she'll be 64yrs old in October, has three amazing bikes...a Moots titanium, a Parlee, and this Colnago...and she rides all of them.  A different one everyday, sure, but she rides them.  I like that in a cyclist.  Many people I know have great bikes to satisfy their egos and look good in front of their friends, but they don't ride the bike/s...or, if they do, it's seldom.  One friend I keep offering $500 for his high end Trek bike because he rarely rides it.

As for the Cannondale, still waiting on Annie at Twin Sisters Cycling & Fitness.  She was working on another friend's bike, an old Ritchey that he just got painted here in Silver City.  Looks very nice.  So, it looks like next week will be when I will have the Cannondale back home.  Looking forward to giving it a spin.  Should be quite good.

The other really good thing that's been happening here is cooler weather...and rain.  The rain is very much needed and it's rained almost everyday this week.  A good rain, too.  Not the gusher type rain that floods everything out.  Gentle rain that soaks in.  The days have been in the 80's; nights have been in the 60's.  After tonight, however, it's going down into the 50' kind of weather.  If there was a place on the planet where this was the weather all year, I'd be there.  After Eileen retires, maybe we can figure out how to be in this kind of weather most of the year.

Ok, tune to exit thing that I miss from the East is WATER...swimming in Lake George (32 miles long), Glen Lake (7 miles long), Sacandoga Lake (29 miles long) get the picture.  There were lots of places to swim back there.  Not so, here.  Some, but very few places to swim.  A fair number of hot springs, however, which are great.  Alright...The Talking Heads...singing "Take Me To The River".  Enjoy...