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Sunday, October 28, 2012

MITT ROMNEY And His Fellow Dirtbags...

This Doonesbury cartoon is representative of Mitt and his fellow dirtbags, who have consistently fought to get rid of Obama and cared nothing about working together to fix the issues created by the former President, George W. Bush...a true dirtball.  They know that when more people vote, the vote tends to go Democratic.  Thus, the push to disenfranchise the voters they think will vote Democratic.  Hopefully, this is the last great "old man white voter" push to keep those people who aren't white from being elected or able to vote.

By failing to attend to the issues in a bi-partisan fashion, the re"THUG"licans and the teabagger jerks who are supporting them, along with the members of the American aristocracy, are doing all they can to undermine and eliminate, if possible, the middle class.  Time, by their take, for more minimum wage slaves with no benefits.  They want to reduce the population of those dumbfucks that they think are too stupid, too ignorant, and too non-white to vote and don't deserve to live a decent life.

Remember...READ about what these people want to do before you go vote...before you decide who to vote for.