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Friday, November 2, 2012

MY SIDE OF THE RIDE Is, Well, Mine...

I'm going to try to clearly express a few thoughts to any and all who might, at some point in time, read this blog.  Yes, I'm aware that not everyone will agree with my sentiments, actions, or posts, which may or may not be logical (the sentiments, actions, or posts...not those who read this blog).  The truth of the matter is this:  "My Side of The Ride" is mine.  Plain and simple.  I don't ask anyone else for input.  I don't turn my post over to someone for review or approval before I post it.  It's mine.  I have no boss to report to.  No censor who might clean up what I've written or make me take something out that might offend someone.  No.  This is mine.  What I write, I write.  No one else.  People are welcome to read the blog or any particular post any time that their hearts desire.  Comments about my posts or my blog are welcome.

What readers have no right to do is tell me what to write about or what topics to "stick with".  When anyone tries to do that, they can fuck off.  As I stated, this is my blog.  No one else's.  If a reader disagrees with me, they can let me know that.  Should someone write saying they were offended by any of my posts, well, if, in hindsight, I agreed, I'd publicly apologize in a post and rewrite the offending post.  If someone wants to tell me what to write or not write...well, they're on the wrong fucking planet.  Got something to say?  Start a blog.  Write what you want there.

What started this?  Well, two readers decided to tell me what to write about and what not to write about.  Thus, my "fuck off" response.  Now, initially, I responded politely, directing the reader to the top of my blog where it clearly states the range of topics I might take on.  It can also be taken to mean that, since this is my blog, I can really write about anything I want, within acceptable boundaries.  These two tried to tell me what to "stick" to regarding topics I write about.  Again, this is my blog.  Not theirs.  Which is why, in my second response, I stated what I had been thinking after reading the first reader's comments...that being "fuck off".

Please.  Feel free to read my blog or not.  Write comments.  Do not, however, assume that anyone who reads my blog can dictate what I should say, write, or think.  From "My Side of The Ride", I really don't even know who reads this or if anyone reads this.  I get the "count" from the data side of this blog and some comments, but I truly have no conception of my "audience".  My audience is not self-selected.  I really have no say in who does/doesn't read my blog.  What I do have a say in is what I write about.  When I write a post, I'm not thinking about who'll read it, what'll they think, or whether or not they'll like it.  I write it for me.  Me.  Remember that.

Now, a tune to exit with..."Piss Off" by Deathinking.  Never heard of them before.  Don't think I'll be looking to buy any of their music. fits for this post.