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Monday, November 5, 2012


My last post before election day.  It probably shouldn't surprise anyone who I voted for and who I urge all of you to vote for....President Obama.  This election, more than any in the past century, is about what direction this country is going to go in.  IMHO, the re"THUG"licans, including Mitt, are the closest to "brown shirts" in the U.S. that I've seen in my lifetime.  Sure, there have been several Presidents that I believe have done harm to America and Americans, but a Mitt Romney presidency will take America in a direction that would be very hard to recover from.

The outright, blatant lies in this election have been incredulous.  Even when they're pointed out, the candidates deny they lied!!!  WTF???  They've learned that by persevering in the lie, people begin to believe it...or forget about it.  National debt?  Have we hung George W. Bush up by his balls yet?  NO.  Why not?  His 8 yrs in office have been a national disaster and, yet, who do people on the re"THUG"lican side believe caused the issues of today?  Not Bush.  I personally would haul that motherfucker up by his balls if the chance were provided.  I'd let him down when he confessed to his crimes against humanity and Americans.

Alright, my last political post...for today.  Go vote.  I do care who you vote for but am not about to force anyone to vote for President Obama, despite knowing he's the right choice.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers to go vote.