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Friday, March 8, 2013

Gear That I Learn About From Other Touring Cyclists

"Drive on.  We'll sweep up the blood later." ~ Katharine Hepburn

One benefit of hosting touring cyclists is that I get to see what kind of gear they use and ask them, "Why'd you decide to buy this?" or "What do you like about this thing?"  Because I get to look over their bikes and their gear while they're still focused on having everything they need and that everything is where it should be, I can assess what I like about their stuff.

Tim Tower, the most recent and the first Warmshowers guest of 2013, had a couple of items that attracted my attention.  One was a Roswheel frame bag, which is a compact, two compartment pack that is small and fits over the top tube of the bicycle.  Here's a photo:
Roswheel frame bag
 Another item to catch my eye was the Profile Design E-Pack bag.  Tim had it under his saddle.  I liked it.
Profile Design E-Pack Bag
Both of these bags are very inexpensive but provide space for some needed items and quick/easy access, which I like.  Suitable substitutes for an under the seat bag or handlebar bag for day rides.

Tim also told me about a great site, Ride With GPS, which is easier, quicker, and less bothersome than Map My Ride.  You may think differently, but that's life.  These are some things that I've learned from other cycling tourists:, SPOT, Arkel panniers, Ortlieb handlebar bags, to name just a few.  They've made putting things on my bike easier and help keep things compact and enclosed.  I like it.

So, not only do I get to meet some very cool people, I also get to see some real life, real time gear that people are using and can tell me, from experience, just how these items work and how much, if at all, they like the items.  For the most part, we cyclists don't tolerate gear that's not functional or useful.  We'll give it away or just leave it somewhere rather than continue hauling something that we find unhelpful.

Ok, that's it for today.  Another tune to exit with...Tommy Peoples doing "The Laird of Drumblair/Little John's Hame (strathspeys)".  One of Eileen's favorite traditional Irish fiddlers that we had the pleasure of hearing, and meeting, in Albuquerque at a house concert.  Great fiddler and great music.