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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Snow Fall 3/9/13

"Life is hard.  After all, it kills you." ~ Katharine Hepburn

This entry is not about how hard life is or death.  It's about a Spring snow fall.  And a few other items.  Maybe.  In a previous entry, I introduced Tim Tower to whomever reads this blog.  When he got to our house, I was in the midst of preparing dinner for him and us.  Got him settled in and we talked for a bit, then he took a shower, after which he rejoined me in the kitchen and we had a beer...and  more conversation.  One topic we discussed was weather...and the fact that, by Friday, it was going to turn cold with a 50% chance of rain, so I told him that he definitely needed to head out the next day, Thursday, to avoid inclement weather on his way over Emory Pass.  Otherwise, he would have been a great guest to have stay another night.  Weather in the mountains, particularly going over the Pass, is always iffy and more so when the weather is bad in Silver City.

Well, sure enough, Friday's weather was just what they predicted...cold, rainy, and, later in the evening, snow.  I hadn't noticed the change from rain to snow until I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and looked out the window.  Snow covered the ground.  When I awoke this a.m. and went into the bathroom, I looked out the window and it was snowing.  Not hard, but snowing.  And it's been snowing on and off all morning.  Now, the sun is out again, the wind is not as blustery, and the sky is a mix of blue along with some ominous looking, wintery clouds.  These are the types of winter storms that I like.  Just enough to make it interesting and not so much that it's oppressive...and I don't have to shovel snow.  I hate mowing grass and shoveling snow.  Did it enough growing up in Upstate New York.

Sure enough, even though Tim didn't get out of Silver City on Thursday until 12:30pm, he managed to get to about 3 miles short of Hillsboro, NM, and camped on the side of the road for the night.  He emailed me from a cafe in Hillsboro, NM, later in the morning on Friday, where dark clouds were spitting rain.  The good part is that from Hillsboro, Tim only had about 20 miles to ride to get to Caballo Lake State Park, where he was scheduled to spend Friday night...and then head to Las Cruces, NM, where he had made arrangements to stay with another Warmshowers host for Saturday night.

Back to the snow's still trying to decide to snow or be a sunshiny day...right now, it's cloudy and snowing, but wait a few minutes and it'll change.  Oooh, the sun just popped out!  Well, now it's gone again.  Weather in the Southwest.  Temps can drop 20 or 30 degrees in just minutes.  Any y'all thought it was warm out here all the time.  Ok, on with a couple of short videos with the "Donald Duck" voice again, which I truly do not know how/why it happens, but it does:

Hope the weather is better where you are.  Next week, the temps are headed into the 70's for the first time since before Christmas.  Yeeeeehaaaaaa!  It's bicycle riding time again.  Now, another tune to get you through the day...Johnny Rivers singing "Summer Rain" from his Revelations album, which I used to own back in the day.  It was released in 1968.  Still enjoy the song and he's still performing, too.  Hope you like it if you remember it or if it's the first time you've heard it.  A time piece.