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Saturday, November 16, 2013


"In the wine of life, some people are destined to be cork sniffers." ~ Dogbert

Every so often, I get to thinking about what I've posted on this website and think that I should explain my thinking or say a bit more than what I've said in the post.  This is one of those posts.  One of the afflictions of being a Lyford is always thinking that I'm right.  Well, most of the time, I am, I think.  But, and I hate saying it, often I'm wrong.  I will own up to it, but I hate doing it...but I will.  Often, I don't say all that needs to be said.  So, this is to correct or apologize for what I may have gotten wrong...

Bicycling...try it.  You might just like it.  When I first started to ride, I felt "better than thou" because I was riding and others weren't.  Some would tell me they were just riding a few miles.  I'd respond by saying that I was doing that distance as a "quick training ride".  Yes, I had my head up my ass and didn't realize it was so dark.  Or that I was being such a jerk.  Just getting on the bike is the trick.  40 feet; 40 yards; 40 miles.  Just get on the bike and do what you can and realize that it's great because it's what you can do.  Any day above ground is a good day.  Everything else is frosting on the cake, y'know?  Read a story about a guy who weighed 501lbs...first time on a bike at that weight, he rode down the street one block.  Now, he weights 198lbs and rides 20,000 miles a year.  Gotta love it, y'know??? up for it.  Use it.  In my post, I recommended to users who stay at a host's house/apartment/yard to bring something.  It's important to know that, sometimes, there's nothing close by to get something to bring.  No problem.  It's not a requirement.  Just a good thought.  And it doesn't have to be much either.  One guest, who had invested in Tony's Coffee in Bellingham, WA, called them and had a few pounds of their espresso coffee beans sent to us.  Very cool.  Very much appreciated.  The rider didn't have to do that, but he did and we enjoyed it.  Some have cooked a meal for us.  Also appreciated.  Some have washed/dried dishes, also appreciated.  Be creative but also don't think it's an absolute.  Just a nice treat should you be able to do it.

Gear...if it works for you and you like it, don't change just because someone else or some website says they have something better.  I remember a wine geek who told me that the best wines are the ones that YOU like, not the wines that someone else likes.  If you find one that you like, and it's $2.99 a bottle, buy a case. Maybe two cases at that price.  Same with gear.  You like it, use it, believe it fills the need you have...keep it, use it, buy another one as backup.  At the end of the day of riding, when setting up camp or settling down in a motel, if what you use makes you feel comfortable and you get a good night's sleep, what else matters??

Bikes...see above.

Cycling clothing...see above the above.

Simple concept...if it feels good, do it.  If it taste good, eat it.  If it fits, and you like it, wear it.  Life does not have to be complicated.  Just because something is old fashioned, new fashioned, the "latest", or just being promoted as the best thing since sliced bread, doesn't mean shit.  What means shit is if YOU like it and it works for you.

Done with this post.  A tune to exit with.  Hope you enjoy...Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen doing "Forever Young".  Ride a bike; stay forever young...