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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Mount

"The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind." ~ William Saroyan, Nobel Prize Winner

With that said, here's a short review of the Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Mount.  No, I don't own a smartphone.  Just a regular cell phone that serves my needs.  What I do have that doesn't have a handlebar mount is my SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger device.   I use it frequently when riding up in the mountains where cell phones, smart or not, don't work.  This device provides a bit of comfort for my wife, Eileen.  Should I fail to return home, she'll know where to find my carcass. As long as some critter hasn't hauled my sorry ass away for dinner somewhere.  My complaint about the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger device is that, despite my pleasant pleas to the company, it has no handlebar mount...nor do I get anything back from their customer service people except, "Thanks.  We appreciate hearing from our customers, but, please, do you really expect us to respond to every moron who emails us?"  So, post rejection reaction...look for something else made by a company that sees what the jerks fail to see and then creates a piece of equipment that just might be useful or at least functional.  In my repeated searches, I had little luck finding something that would work.

Recently, however, I came across the Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Mount.  If nothing else, they should get a prize for having one of the longest named products.  It was cheap...on eBay, it sells for as little as $9.99 plus shipping.  I mean, what the hell, I've peed that much money in less than an evening before, so I bought one in white (clear).  It works great and holds the SPOT device on my handlebars, the stem, or the top tube.  I prefer the top tube location.  It is a bit bulky, but, hey, it's less than $10 and it's made of silicone, which makes it quite flexible.  And, as I stated previously, it works.  Take that SPOT!!

Ok, done with this posting.  If you're looking for something that works, is cheap, and, if it breaks, it won't break the bank to get another one, this is what you want.  I like it...  I'd give it a 3.5 rating.  If they could reduce the size of it, I'd give it a 5 rating.

Ok, since Eileen and I have had an infestation of musicians recently...friends, mind you...but musicians have a reputation for a reason.  So, with that said, here's a video for your viewing pleasure...An Infestation of Musicians.  LOL...