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Monday, July 21, 2014

Jake At 1zero6, Charlie Kharsa on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race, And???

"You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there." ~ Yogi Berra

A bit of a hodgepodge in this post.  While out on my bike a few weeks ago, I encountered a cyclist, who, by the looks of his bike and his appearance, was obviously a Great Divide Mountain Bike Race racer.  His name is Charlie Kharsa, he's 49 yrs old, and he's from Davis, CA, where he and his wife work and live. She's a school teacher; he's a house painter with plans to go back to college to get a degree in criminal justice and, hopefully, a job with the State Parks system in California.  Right now, he's a mountain bike racer and loves to do ultra bike racing. 

I was out for a ride down Rt. 90 when I met up with Charlie.  He was headed south to the border of Mexico to finish the race...his last day on the bike race.  Once he made the turn on to Separ Rd, he would be closing in on the last stretch of the Great Divide Race.  What made this last stretch harder for him is that he was only able to use a single gear on his bike.  Forgot when that happened, but I was impressed with how he was managing the climbing with one gear and all the stuff on his bike.  These riders are tough.  On my way home that day, I saw two other Divide racers heading towards Separ Road.
Charlie Kharsa, Great Divide Mountain Bike Racer, at Separ Road and Rt. 90.  Still smilin'...
 On a different note, this past Friday, Eileen (a.k.a THE WIFE around these parts, pal!) and I went to 1zero6 for dinner.  Our friend, Jake, is the owner/cook.  He prefers to be called a cook.  Not into pretentious chef clothes/coats nor are there tracks in the ceiling from his nose (not egotistical, like some).  Now, he is proud of his place and his cooking skills...and we're damn happy that he's in Silver City so we can hang out with him and sample his food moods.  While we talk about Jake as being a bit eccentric and not your run of the mill cook, here's some photos to back up our commentary...Jake in his summer, Kung Fu, Ninja, Karate Guy outfit...LOL!!!  We love this guy!  And we're happy to be considered friends of his.
Mr. Karate Kung Fu Guy

Mr. Karate Kung Fu Guy giving me his Mr. Karate Kung Fu Guy Ninja look...

Jake's having trouble keeping the Mr. Karate Kung Fu Guy Ninja look happening...

Jake being Jake in his "cook" outfit...
If you should find yourself in Silver City, NM, for any reason, on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, be sure to check out Jake's place and do yourself a favor...make reservations BEFORE you get to town, so you can get a table and the food you'd like to eat.  If you pay with cash, y'all get a 5% discount on your bill.  BTW, we had a great meal last Friday night.  Always good.  So, while Jake may not be in his Mr. Karate Kung Fu Ninja outfit when you show up there, have a seat and be prepared for a very good dinner.  And look around at the very cool ambiance.  Nothing like it elsewhere in town or New Mexico.

And???  Well, nothing more to add, so it's time to exit this post.  Here's a song that I never knew that Marvin Gaye had performed, "Sunny".  One of my favs way back when..