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Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Road Trip Through the U.S. And Parts of Canada...

"I can think.  I can sleep.  I can move.  I can ride my bike.  I can dream." ~ Bill Walton

This is the time.  This is the trip.  I'm ready to ride...  

After finishing my cross country trip back in 2010, I began toying with the idea of another long distance bicycle ride.  Having chewed on this adventure for some time now, it was necessary to take a good look at what I wanted to do.  Initially, I thought about doing a really long ride, but, after looking at it on, I realized I was taking on more than I wanted.  First, and foremost, because of how long I'd be away from my wife, Eileen.  That wasn't going to do.  I'd miss her way too much.  Secondly, it appeared that distance alone was the primary focus. 

With that in mind, I began thinking about precisely what I was interested in and exactly what that entailed.  My primary interests on this ride were to visit U.S. Civil War battlefields and, serendipitously, attend my 50th high school reunion back in Glens Falls, NY, then ride back to Silver City, NM.  Thus, this ride would incorporate three good reasons...round trip ride, battlefields, high school reunion.  And I'll get to meet up with Eileen in Catonsville, MD, and in Milwaukee, WI.  I started to feel much better about this ride.

On March 20th, Eileen and I will head out of Silver City, NM, by car to Truth or Consequences, NM, where we'll stay at the La Paloma, which has hot springs for us to soak in, and to go to Bella Luca Cafe (, for an Italian dinner and to see if the reviews have merit.  The next morning, we'll head to the Bosque del Apache ( to check out the birds and do a bit of hiking.  Then, it's on to Socorro, NM, to check out a new brewpub that's opened there, the Twisted Chile Brewpub (  On Sunday, Eileen and I will head to the intersection of I-25 and NM Rt. 60, where I'll put the panniers on my Cannondale touring bicycle and say adieu to the love of my life, until August, when I'll be back in Silver City.  While I've reduced the mileage of this ride, it'll still be around 6,000 miles, give or take.  I will miss her dearly.  But, with our Apple products, we'll be able to FaceTime each other and I'll be able to post pictures, videos, and text much quicker than back in 2010 before I had the iPad and the iPhone.  Funny, thinking back to my first cross country ride...Fairbanks, AK, to Wells Beach, ME, I only had cashier's checks, a phone card, and, I'm not positive about this, but a single credit card.  Now, I'm digitalized and internetted to the max.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I'd do a write up of my gear, but I've decided against that.  While I'm on my trip, I'll post about the gear, as I use it, and give readers my opinion of it and how useful it's been...or not.  This time, for my first time since becoming a member of (, I'll be using their services and will report on what that's been like.  Eileen and I have taken in many riders for a night or four from all over the world.  Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and from all over the U.S.  And it's been fabulous, as a host.  Meeting other people/cyclists across the U.S., while touring, is something I've been looking forward to and now I get to do it.  How cool is that???  Local cyclists are so much better informed about the area in which they live.

So, now, it's time to wrap this post up with a tune....hmmm, which one?  Ok, here are a couple of Guy Clark tunes that are particular favorites of mine...L.A. Freeway (  and Desparadoes Waitin' For A Train (  Hope y'all enjoy them.  And, to all those people out on the highways of America that I've not met yet, here I come...and, to my wife, Eileen, I love you with every breath I take.